International volunteering for 18-25 year olds

Action at Home resources

Here you will find useful tools and resources to inspire you and help you complete your Action at Home project.

Action at Home can seem daunting but if you start thinking about it early and make use of all the resources available then completing it within six months of returning from your placement should be straightforward. Remember that you can set up your own project or event or join an existing campaign  - there are lots of examples all organised by topic on the main Action at Home page.

Talk to your agency - they will help make sure your plans are realistic as well as impactful, and don't forget to tell us about the project once it's completed so we can organise your reference and certificate to say you have completed ICS. 


Media tips for action at home
Talking to your local newspaper or radio station can be a great way to promote your Action at Home and introduce others to ICS and international development. This tip sheet helps you get started. You can also contact ICS on for help and advice
PDF icon tips_for_engaging_with_local_media_action_at_home.docx


ICS Action at Home press release
Help publicise ICS and get other people involved by letting the media know about your Action at Home
File ics_action_at_home_template_release_final.docx


ICS post placement press release
Spread the word about ICS by telling your local media all about your placement
File ics_generic_post_placement_template_release_final.docx


How to... use drama
In this short guide we give some ideas for how to use drama in your action at home.
PDF icon how_to_use_drama.pdf


How to... organise a street party
Organising a street party could help bring your community together and raise awareness of your issue or cause. This short guide tells you how to get started.
PDF icon how_to_hold_a_street_party.pdf


How to.. use sport
As you might have seen on your ICS placements sport can be a great way to bring people together and break down barriers, and it can be just as effective in your home community too. This short guide provides ideas on how to use sport for your action at home.
PDF icon how_to_use_sport.pdf


How to... be a book worm for your action at home
Novels and stories can bring new worlds to life, and can help you introduce your ICS experience and issues from your placement to new people. Download the guide to find out more.
PDF icon book_worms.pdf


Restless Development Action at Home guide
The agencies delivering ICS have developed action at home guides, and these are available for the use of all ICS volunteers. This guide was created by Restless Development for the ICS programme.
PDF icon restless_development_action_at_home_toolkit.pdf


International Service Action at Home guide
The agencies delivering ICS have developed action at home guides, and these are available for the use of all ICS volunteers. This guide was created by International Service for the ICS programme.
PDF icon int_serv_ah_handbook.pdf


Action at home report 2013
This document needs to be completed when you have done your action at home and sent to the action at home contact at your agency. This needs to be completed along with your action at home within 6 months of returning home from your placement.
Microsoft Office document icon action_at_home_report_may_2013.doc