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Please use either a laptop or PC to complete your application. It is currently not mobile or tablet compatible. 

We're here to help

To join the ICS programme - including ICS Entrepreneur and team leader opportunities - you need to complete an application form. If you have any questions, or need help or advice on completing your application form, please call us on +44 (0)20 8780 7400 or email 

Wherever possible, we'll look to remove barriers to you taking part, so if you have any additional needs, just let us know.

As a first step, please read the 'Who can take part' page to ensure that you are eligible. If you qualify, you'll need:

  • The names and contact details for two referees
    • One who knows you professionally, e.g. a tutor or teacher; a religious or community leader; a co-worker or manager; a volunteer supervisor or youth/social worker
    • One who knows you personally (not a family member)
    • Referees will only be approached if your initial application is successful
  • Information about your household income
    • If you are financially independent, this is your pre-tax income for the last tax year
    • If you depend on parents/carers to fully/partially support you, you'll need the pre-tax income for the last tax year for your household's highest earner

Now you're ready to begin

Once you have submitted an application form we will be in touch with you by email so please add the email address to your contact list to make sure you receive our messages and they don't end up in your spam filter. Please use Chrome, Firefox or Safari to complete your application, currently the form will not load via Internet ExplorerThanks and good luck!

Are you…
Positive and realistic?
Flexible and adaptable?
Good at working with others?
Up for the challenge of a lifetime?


ICS application form Word version
You can also download a Word version of the ICS application form so that you can prepare your answers before copying them to the online form. Click the button to the right to download the form.