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Hi guys! Happy Fundraising Friday everyone, it’s blog time again and this week we’re having a look into networks.

So, what are networks? We basically mean any contacts you have which might be able to help you with your fundraising.  This goes hand in hand with planning your fundraising, so it’s probably the first thing you’ll want to do. So without further ado... here are our top tips!

Family & Friends

You don’t have to go it alone, friends and family will often be able to help in lots of different ways. If you’re stretched for time, you might be able to delegate some of your fundraising! Your friends and family will often be happy to chip in and help you organise your events and they might also have some great connections you could tap into. Make a list of people who might be able to help and start contacting them today!

Here’s some ways they could help.

  • Ask your family and friends to bring their friends to your event.
  • Share your Justgiving page and fundraising story among their contacts.
  • Think about family and friends who work in a pub, supermarket, office, or school – could you hold an event/collection/other activity there?

If you’re not feeling very confident about fundraising they can help you overcome those fears, so take someone with you if it’s your first time organising an event or going to speak to an organisation about fundraising. Some of you might have ICS friends or know someone whose fundraised before who could help come up with some ideas, ask to meet up with them for a cuppa to chat through some ideas. 

Hobbies & Interests

Turning your hobbies and interests into a fundraiser can be fun and really effective! Have a little think about what you like to do and if you could use this to your benefit. This could be anything from organising a football tournament with mates, teaching someone to play the piano, or selling your crafts on Etsy, eBay or Facebook.  If you’re not sure how to turn your hobbies or interest into a fundraiser, speak to your FSO and they’ll be able to help.

Your local area

There will be a point in your fundraising when you’ve done everything you can with your family and friends so you’ll need to start looking elsewhere for activities. We recommend getting ahead of the game from the beginning and organising some public fundraising! This is also a great way to raise awareness of ICS and your agency among the general public. The list is endless, here are some suggestions.

  • Get in touch with pubs, community halls, or youth clubs about using their space for a fundraiser.
  • There are bound to be loads of clubs and organisations that you can contact to do some fundraising at their meet-ups. Groups like scouts, bridge clubs or anything from a language class to a pottery class are worth investigating!
  • Get in touch with local businesses about funding or donations for a raffle.
  • You’ll need to make sure your public fundraising is legal so get in touch with your FSO for some help.

Work, your school, college or university

Ask yourself where you normally spend most of your time. Try and get some fundraising fitted into your daily routine; if you’re working, you could try and organise a cake sale, tuck shop or a dinner party at work. Schools, colleges, and universities (current or past) will often let you do some fundraising in exchange for doing a talk with students too.

Check out this handy video we made you!

ICS Fundraising - Network Mapping

Hopefully that helps you to think about your networks. We suggest getting yourself a pen, a piece of paper and getting those thinking caps on! Good luck and let us know what you come up with. As always, remember to get in touch with your Fundraising Support Officer if you need any help. 

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ICS Fundraising Support Officer