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7 April 2014
Madeleine Uwamahoro

Madeleine Uwamahoro, who works for Tearfund in Rwanda, was five years old during the genocide of 1994. Here she reflects on her personal journey in the 20 years that have passed.

14 March 2014
Sbu Mathibela

When Nelson Mandela departed from this world on the 5th of December 2013, South Africa mourned. The mourning was also filled with joy, because the country’s hero left a great legacy.

5 March 2014
Sam Hepher

VSO ICS volunteer Sam Hepher volunteered in Indonesia in 2013.

6 February 2014
Lilli Loveday

Lilli Loveday is based in Oxford working with Mokoro, an international development consultancy, as well as volunteering for 28 Too Many* as a researcher.

3 February 2014
Rosie Pearmain

In December 2013 (week six of the placement) was by far the best week for everyone in the group in Rwanda. It was all hands to the deck as we started off by making three kitchen gardens.

5 December 2013
Lynne Featherstone

Today is International Volunteer Day – an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the work of volunteers who give up their time to make a difference in communities around the world.

4 December 2013
Emily Hockenhull

This summer, I spent three months volunteering in Nepal with Restless Development ICS as part of the International Citizen Service (ICS) programme.