International volunteering for 18-25 year olds

Eden's fundraising

I had just less than 3 weeks to fundraise £800.

I immediately decided I would do a Live Below the Line challenge for 10 days. I set up a Justgiving page for Restless Development explaining my personal challenge, the cause and my passions. I used my blog and Facebook twice a week to advertise and wrote personal letters, emails and texts to friends and family asking for their support. I learnt that those who you feel are more unlikely to donate, surprise you the most with their generosity! So don’t hesitate - just ask. Try school teachers, colleagues, lecturers and your neighbours also.

Meanwhile, my sister used her connections at my niece’s school to get permission for two cake sales. The tuck shop then offered to sell any leftovers in between which raised £170 within a few days. Use your connections as that often gets a quicker response. I then held a cake sale at a local church after Sunday service and a leaving dinner party with a few friends. I charged £15 a head and offered a three course meal! So that was 4 small events in 8 days.

Always post on Facebook the great outcomes you have from fundraising activities, it shows people you’re really making an effort and not just asking for money, so they’re often more receptive.

Just don’t waste a single day - always be ready planning the next activity. It is achievable and also pretty fun!