International volunteering for 18-25 year olds

Meet the team

Our team of enthusiastic fundraisers are on hand to help you smash your fundraising target.

From planning a bake sale to hopping up a hill dressed as a giant rabbit, they have seen it all! The team has already helped ICS volunteers to raise more than £10million between them and all their experience and support will be available to help you!

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Likes: The theatre, cheese and an intense game of bingo

Idea: “A quiz night is a great fundraiser – and it’s good fun too!”

Top tip: “Be organised – plan your activities and set yourself mini deadlines.”



Likes: Musicals, body boarding and peanut butter on toasted bagels

Idea: “Pick a challenge that shows you’re putting in the effort – this could be a personal challenge or a sporty one – who not run, walk, or give something up!”

Top tip: “Get the local media involved.”



Likes: Courgetti, eBay and murder mysteries

Idea: “Sell your stuff online or try doing a car boot to turn your clutter into cash.”

Top tip: “Turn your hobby into a fundraiser.”





Likes: Tea, nature and Sri Lankan veggie food

Idea: “Put on a charity gig night – get some talented friends or local musicians involved and host it in a pub or free venue to cut costs.”

Top tip: “Start early – the sooner you get started the easier it will be!”



Likes: Puns, comic books and Thai food

Idea: “Anything cake related – bake sales are a fundraising classic.”

Top tip: “Blagging free stuff – local shops and businesses are good places to get free raffle prizes.”



Likes: Gigs, football matches and ticking things off his bucket list

Idea: “Try a tournament based fundraiser – football, poker, games night, pool – the possibilities are endless.”

Top tip: “Just ask – if you don’t ask you don’t get.”



Likes: Bruce Springsteen, detective dramas, and turtles

Idea: "Offer to do odd jobs for people, you could do things like car washing, gardening, tutoring or babysitting!"

Top tip: "Make a network map and plan each activity to tap into different groups of people!"


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