International volunteering for 18-25 year olds

Leila's fundraising

I chose fundraising ideas that I could commit to and that were realistic and fun.

I contacted my old high school asking for support and offered to give assemblies and talk to GCSE Spanish students. I was unable to have a non-uniform day so I asked to sell refreshments at the school play with a raffle each night and also sell refreshments to the kids on sports day. I contacted as many local businesses as I could for a variety of good raffle prizes. The better the raffle prizes, the more tickets were bought.

I then hosted a summer BBQ party at a local pub for around 100 friends and family. At the event I made money in several different ways. All the food for the BBQ was donated from Tesco and M&S. I also had a mini charity shop where all my friends donated clothes and I sold them on at bargain prices. I had another raffle and the pub hosted games such as pool and darts where you could win a free pint. I organised local bands to play later in the day and it was a really enjoyable evening.

This made the majority of the target but I also had donations for doing a half marathon and I went to the local car boot sale a couple of times to sell my old junk.

Instead of asking my friends to donate money (let’s face it - students don’t have any!) they helped me instead by being on the stalls or baking cakes to sell. The once daunting fundraising became fun when I got lots of people involved.

It was a really rewarding experience because I was able to raise awareness about ICS and the project and I saw how generous and supportive people are. While hunting for raffle prizes and donations from businesses I also learnt communication skills.

100% effort completely pays off!