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NCS graduates

If you've done NCS then you're guaranteed an invite to an assessment day,

Providing there is space and you're eligible, all NCS graduates are guaranteed an invite to an assessment day.

With your NCS volunteering experience we're confident that you're an ideal applicant.

If successful, you'll have the chance to build on the skills like teamwork, leadership and communication that you gained from doing NCS. 

Lots of NCS graduates have gone on to do ICS placements and have found it be a great next step. 


You need to be 18 at the time you go overseas, and a UK resident that's been here for at least the last 12 months. You can apply when you're 17, but we won't be able to take your application forward until you're 18.

Joining ICS isn't just about volunteering overseas. See the full volunteer journey.