International volunteering for 18-25 year olds

Pravah ICS

Pravah is a youth-led organisation based in New Delhi, India which works to impact issues of social injustice through youth civic participation.

We work with young people to help them become socially responsible and make informed decisions in the future. As part of this process we support educational institutes and different NGO and UN bodies to promote youth development.

“This was a journey beyond words. It led me to question my existing notions of development by experiencing the process of development. My perception of myself also changed drastically during this period.” - Abhijit Sarkar, Pravah volunteer

What you could do

Pravah works in partnership with local grassroots organisations across India. ICS volunteers will be based in Rajasthan and other rural communities, working on programmes focusing on youth development, health, gender, education, access to basic rights like water and livelihoods.

Past placement activities included things like raising awareness of important issues, conducting research, and supporting local organisations and artisans to improve their skills.

Placement details

You’ll be part of a group of 7-15 UK volunteers, teamed up with local volunteer counterparts when you arrive in India. All volunteers stay with host families in the local community and are fully supported by a Pravah ICS programme supervisor and local Pravah staff, as well as a UK and local ICS Team Leader.

“Living with Monisha and Stephanie, I have now confidence that my own daughter can accomplish bigger things. I want to send her to college but was nervous about sending her outside the village. Now I feel like if these volunteers can come here, live as a family with us, and do what they’ve done, then I should also send my daughter for higher studies.” - Ghera Ram Jaipal, host father

Placements run throughout the year and last for 12 weeks. Just select that you want to volunteer with Pravah when filling out the ICS application form and one of our team will give you a call.