International volunteering for 18-25 year olds

Raleigh ICS

Raleigh works to drive positive change in sustainable development. Its work is delivered with, for and through diverse teams of young people in partnership with local communities and organisations.

Destination countries

With Raleigh ICS, you could go to:

  • Nepal
  • Nicaragua
  • Tanzania

Types of project

  • In Nepal – you will focus on the rehabilitation of water and sanitations systems as well as supporting women and young people to develop livelihoods. This is a crucial time to volunteer in Nepal and to support its communities to become more resilient. You could also work with young people and women to identify opportunities to create local enterprises and agricultural businesses.

International Citizen Service with Raleigh International - Nicaragua

  • In Nicaragua – where many communities have few basic amenities, you might work with local people to adopt positive hygiene and health practices. You could help develop a network of trained rural entrepreneurs to promote sanitation, and help to empower young people to manage their resources. Alternatively, you may help to create youth-led businesses in rural communities in Northern Nicaragua to increase community resilience, and tackle high unemployment rates, lack of opportunities and negative environmental impacts.

¿Hablas espaƱol? For some of our placements in Nicaragua, we require conversational Spanish.

  • In Tanzania – you might work with communities which lack basic amenities in rural areas on projects focusing on positive health practices. Activities may include visiting local villages to deliver awareness-raising sessions on general hygiene, investigating the best ways to bring in clean water based on the land capability and climate or building toilets and training local people about maintaining and repairing them. We also have projects that focus on improving community resilience and economic development through supporting local business and enterprise.

Whatever you do, you’ll develop key life skills such as team-working, leadership, adaptability, communication and problem-solving.

How it works

On Raleigh ICS you’ll be part of a team of young people; a 1:1 mix of UK and local volunteers, supported by two team leaders and a local community organisation. You might be split into smaller groups for some activities but you’ll always regroup at the end of each day to review activities, discuss international development issues and plan future work.

When can I go?

Raleigh ICS placements depart 3 times per year – in spring, summer and autumn.

Volunteer - placements last for 10-12 weeks.


Nepal: 18 Jun – 26 Aug, 22 Jun – 30 Aug, 27 Sept – 19 Dec, or 28 Sept – 20 Dec
Nicaragua: 23 Jun – 31 Aug or 28 Sept – 20 Dec
Tanzania: 23 Jun  1 Sept, or 26 Sept – 16 Dec

Team Leader - placements last from 14 1/2 weeks up to 8 months.


Nepal: 3 Jun – 30 Aug, 3 Jun – 2 Sept, or 12 Sep – 22 Dec

Nicaragua: 13 Sept – Dec 2017 / May 2018 (tbc)

Tanzania: 9 Sept – Dec 2017 / May 2018 (tbc)

All volunteers and team leaders should apply for ICS on the main application form.

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