International volunteering for 18-25 year olds

Team Leaders

Volunteering with ICS can be a challenging but immensely rewarding experience for our volunteers. Team Leaders play a key role in supporting their diverse teams of young people to give their best and gain as much as they can while on placement.

ICS Team Leaders need to be 23-35 years old. 


As an ICS Team Leader you’ll spend three or six months overseas offering pastoral support to small groups of volunteers aged 18-25 from the UK and the country you’re in. You’ll have a local counterpart to share responsibilities as you guide your teams through their time in country.

There’s a project management element to the role but the most important thing is the wellbeing of the ICS team and doing everything you can to help young people from different backgrounds work well together.

"Being a team leader enables me to make a unique contribution to this project and the journeys of all my volunteers. There is a lot of responsibility but I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding role."


Take a look at what being a Team Leader entails, read A day in the life of a Team Leader by Vix, who volunteered in Bangladesh with VSO ICS Entrepreneur.


All Team Leaders need to have some experience of leading and supporting diverse groups of young people. You must be 23-35 years old, with strong facilitation, communication and interpersonal skills. In addition you should have:

  • a clear interest in community development/international development work
  • fluent written and spoken English
  • strong French or Spanish ability needed for some placements
  • ability to plan logically and manage a varied workload
  • ability to work flexibly and on your own initiative
  • strong organisational and time management skills

Previous volunteering experience and French or Spanish ability is definitely an advantage.

Why be a Team Leader

Volunteering as an ICS Team Leader is a fantastic opportunity for personal development. In additional to building on existing skills like facilitation and communication you’ll gain new skills and experience that can help you find the career you want.

Many of the skills you gain are directly transferable to employment, so you’ll be able to demonstrate with real world examples how you dealt with things like reporting and evaluation, crisis and conflict management, and solving problems with creative thinking.

How to apply

You can apply through the online application form by selecting ‘ICS Team Leader’ as your application type. If successful you’ll go though the same process of fundraising, training, placement and Action at Home as the volunteers you’ll be leading. Take at look to see how it works in more detail.

Team Leaders can develop and learn the skills needed to:
  • manage diverse, cross-cultural teams
  • work in a challenging environment
  • facilitate community development
  • react quickly to unexpected situations
  • respond creatively with limited resources
  • manage crisis and conflict
  • communicate effectively cross culturally
  • report and evaluate experience
  • become equipped for the global market place