International volunteering for 18-25 year olds

Meet Felix

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Felix Owino, from Nairobi in Kenya, volunteered with VSO ICS from September to December 2014. During his placement Felix and his team helped to raise awareness of livelihood opportunities, natural resource management, women empowerment and the importance of education in the community.

For his Action at Home activity Felix became the Youth Programme Coordinator for Youth on the Move – a group who raise awareness about and support those suffering from epilepsy. Felix also teamed up with other ICS alumni to raise awareness of environmental issues that can lead to illness and disease, encouraging communities to keep their water sources clean to avoid the spread of Cholera. Felix is now part of the Action 2015 Coalition Nairobi Team and has also successfully applied for and received funding from the ICS Alumni Grant for Action 2015 campaigns.

Felix also volunteers in schools with Pacemakers International – a Kenyan NGO which promotes access to education in Kenya.

Felix's story

“Before ICS I was working for a packing company and then as a credit officer for a microfinance company. I had started to get involved in my community, working in particular with young men to spread awareness of HIV and AIDs. The experience made me want to apply for ICS. Since volunteering with ICS, my whole mindset has changed. I now want to put all my skills and energy towards helping my community and this has guided everything I have done since.

“Young people are assets for change in their communities and for the world as a whole. They can be strong people in society with the energy to speak about issues that they are passionate about.”