International volunteering for 18-25 year olds
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What you could do

ICS makes the most of the unique contribution young people can bring to development passion, energy and the ability to reach other young people.

All of our projects are carefully planned to be sustainable and focussed on long term impact.

Placements are always part of a wider development programme, where objectives are set in partnership with communities.

Our work

ICS works with local communities to make sure people can:

Earn a decent living
ICS works with businesses and enterprises to help them grow so they can provide a fair income and one day employ others and improve the local economy. We also run projects that help build people’s skills so they can get jobs. We believe that everyone should be able to earn a decent living and become self-sufficient, because no one wants to rely on charity or aid. A secure income is the first step to ending the cycle of poverty and building the local economy.

Get a good education
More and more young people are getting the chance to go to school, but some people are still excluded – by poverty, gender or because of their religion or background. Our projects encourage more young people to attend school, but also make sure they are included once they are in school. ICS helps children develop life skills as part of their education – like teamwork, leadership and confidence.

Get the information and services they need to stay healthy
ICS volunteers are ideally placed to reach out to other young people, particularly on issues like sexual health. Our projects also focus on making sure people have decent toilet and washing facilities, which can hugely reduce sickness and diarrhoea.

Live in a fairer world
We want to make sure that people around the world know their rights and can make their voice heard. This issue affects some groups more than others – children and young people, women and disabled people are just a few examples. ICS volunteers help people to know their rights and have the confidence to influence those in power.

Protect their environment
Climate change will affect the world’s poorest the most. Extreme weather and natural disasters – like drought and flooding – are likely to increase as the world gets warmer, and poor communities struggle the most to cope with these events. Our projects support communities to protect their environment for the future, and to adapt to the effects of climate change.

Many ICS projects will work in more than one of these ways and every project is different, but we hope that gives you an idea of what our work is all about.

What you need to know:
  • Sustainable projects
  • Part of wider development
  • Working in partnership with communities
  • Varied project focus