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Y Care International ICS

Y Care International is part of the largest youth movement in the world – the YMCA. It works with YMCAs and youth organisations around the world to support young people with practical help, providing skills training and information, and to help them secure fair access to the support they need. Together we can build a more just world, free from poverty.

Y Care International is one of the few organisations worldwide that focuses exclusively on young people. 

Young people have the power to transform their communities, as well as their own lives. Y Care International support them to do that. You can too.

"Over the course of 12 weeks my preconceptions of the trip were quickly dispelled and I think we all came away with lessons in humility and community which will shape our futures. Working with people with such open and warm hearts has truly inspired me." - Rachel, volunteered in Bangladesh. 

Destination countries

As a Y Care International ICS volunteer you could go to:

  • Bangladesh
  • Liberia
  • Senegal
  • Sierra Leone
  • Togo
Y Care International - Guatemala - 2015

Types of project

Y Care International partners with local YMCAs around the world who have in-depth knowledge of local conditions. Projects focus on working with young people in the following ways:

  • Jobs  – to learn the skills they need to earn a living
  • Health – to provide key healthcare information and services
  • Resilience – to prepare for disasters like floods or earthquakes 
  • Campaigning – to influence people in power and demand better services

For example, you could help young people in slums to speak out for improvements or with young people in the youth justice system to claim their rights. You could develop safe spaces to play sport, educate young people on drug use, or help them tackle health issues such as HIV.

How it works

You’ll be part of a group of between six to ten UK volunteers and teamed up with local volunteers when you arrive in the country you’re visiting. 

You will be fully supported by a Team Leader and local YMCA staff. 

You will stay in a home of a family from the local community. Through living and working with people in a different culture, you will learn a lot about the community you are based in. 

Volunteer placements are available throughout the year.

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