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Filling in your medical form

You need to fill in the online your medical form 

The below notes may be useful:

  • Choose ‘Employee/volunteer’ on the first screen
  • Your employee number should have been provided on your assessment day confirmation email. Please contact us if you need help.
  • Enter all details as requested, ensuring that you provide as much information as possible if you tick ‘Yes’ to any of the questions. The form needs to be completed in one sitting, so please make sure you allow sufficient time to complete the form as thoroughly as possible.
  • Once completed please press ‘Submit’. Due to the length of the questionnaire, it may take some time to upload after pressing ‘submit’ - please be patient.
  • Your completed personal health form will be reviewed by a member of the VSO International Medical Team and they will contact you directly if further information is required prior to a medical clearance decision being made.
  • If you are unsuccessful on the assessment day, your completed personal health form will be immediately deleted.


If you have any questions, please contact your Resourcing Advisor - details of which will have been emailed to you. 

If you cannot find your Resourcing Advisor's contact details, please use our general contact details;

Tel: +44 (0)20 8780 7400



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