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Be Heard! Join us at the IVCO and IAVE conferences

Your chance to be the voice of youth volunteering at an international forum this autumn!

We believe that all discussions and decisions that ultimately affect the lives of young people should be made in conjunction with young people, and that ICS alumni have lots to contribute to the volunteering for development sector.

That's why we're offering four exceptional alumni a fully-funded place at a global volunteering forum in either Rwanda or Thailand later this year.

This is a great opportunity to:

  • learn more about the context of youth volunteering;
  • share your experience of ICS, and your ideas for how to develop volunteering further;
  • hear from global leaders and experts from across the volunteering sector;
  • network with other young people and movers and shakers in the sector.

The opportunity

We're offering two places at both:

    All travel, accommodation and expenses will be covered. 

    So we can provide effective support for attendees, these opportunities are only open to ICS alumni who live in one of the seven countries where we currently work.


    Apply online now

    IVCO 2019: Advancing Quality in Volunteering for Development

    27 - 30 October 2019 | Kigali, Rwanda

    The International Volunteer Cooperation Organisations (IVCO) annual conference will bring together heads of volunteering for development agencies alongside representatives of government, the private sector, and the wider development sector. 

    Under the theme of 'Advancing Quality in Volunteering for Development', participants will: 

    • explore the latest ideas and approaches in the volunteering for development sector; 
    • connect and build relationships with local, national and global volunteer organisations and supporters.; 
    • exchange ideas and share innovations; 
    • contribute to shaping sectoral policy and advocacy initiatives. 

    Find out more about the IVCO conference.

    You can apply to attend IVCO 2019 if you are resident in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda or Zambia.

    IAVE 2019: Unlocking the Power of Volunteering

    11 – 15 November 2019 | Bangkok, Thailand 

    The International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) Asia Pacific conference will bring together representatives from civil society, government, corporate organisations, NGOs and academia from across the region. Together, participants will work to uncover what needs to be in place for volunteering to be valuable, sustainable and beneficial for everyone. 

    Under the theme of 'Unlocking the Power of Volunteering', participants will: 

    • explore different ways of creating an enabling environment for volunteering,
    • discuss how to improve recognition of the value of volunteering, and 
    • consider how to make volunteering opportunities more accessible for all. 

    Find out more about the IAVE Asia Pacific conference

    You can apply to attend IAVE 2019 if you are resident in Bangladesh, Cambodia or Nepal.

    Who can apply

    To apply for this opportunity, you must:

    • have completed your Action at Home;
    • have a valid passport to travel; 
    • be able to demonstrate experience in mobilising youth towards volunteering for development (along any of the Sustainable Development Goals); 
    • be based in one of the seven countries where we currently work.

    Apply now

    The deadline for applications is midnight on 23 September 2019 (UK time).

    You can only apply if you're resident in one of the countries we currently operate in.

    Warning message

    ×Based on your country of residence, you can apply to attend the IVCO conference on 27 - 30 October 2019, in Kigali, Rwanda.

    Warning message

    ×Based on your country of residence, you can apply to attend the IAVE conference on 11 - 15 November 2019, in Bangkok, Thailand.
    Maximum 200 words
    Maximum 200 words
    Maximum 200 words

    Successful applicants will be notified by email by 27 September 2019.

    If you have any questions or require the application form in a different format, email Mildred Nzau on