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15 reasons to volunteer overseas next year

1. Let’s face it. 2016 could have been better. Here's a way to make sure 2017 starts brilliantly. 

2. No one wants to be here in January. It’s miserable.

3. Not when you could

volunteers meeting with local women outside
© ICS / Andrew Aitchison

4. It’s the ultimate New Year’s resolution – and one you’ll definitely keep

5. It’s a new year, a new start – a new you?

volunteers riasing aware on human rights at a rally

6. You’ll meet a whole load of people – and maybe even lifelong friends.

male volunteers with their arms around each other
© ICS / Andrew Aitchison

7. It’ll be a chance to push yourself and break out of your comfort zone.

volunteer giving an outdoor presentation to young people
© ICS / Peter Caton

8. And try things you never have before.

9. Lots of things.

volunteers with host mum preparing dinner
© ICS / Andrew Aitchison

10. Volunteering will pull you out of the day-to-day for a few months and help you see things from a new perspective.

volunteer taking a break from digging

11. You’ll get to work with people just like you, but different.

group of volunteers in a classroom
© ICS / Andrew Aitchison

12. And work to see a positive change in the world.

volunteer using a tippy tap
© ICS / Andrew Aitchison / Tim Maynard

13. With a real and lasting impact on the people around you.

young people at an event for women's empowerment
© ICS / Andrew Aitchison

14. You’ll learn new skills. And your CV will LOVE you for it.

volunteer talking to local business owner
© ICS / Andrew Aitchison

15. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity

So why wait?

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