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The 7 people you will meet on ICS

It's always about the people, isn't it? 

On ICS, you'll meet people on your team, in your host home, in the communities you work with and staff from a different part of the world. You'll see that somethings are exactly the same as back home and some things just aren't. 

But most importantly you'll meet people that will change your life entirely. 

1. The team 

When you're training before ICS, you'll get to meet some of the people you will spend your placement with. Over time, you'll learn to recognise each other's strengths and support each other when things don't work out. 

The ICS team in Bangladesh
© ICS/ Qamruzzaman

2. Your counterpart

Apart from being your friend, confidante and guide, your counterpart will open your eyes to another culture sharing with you the best and worst of life in a different place. 

Team leaders together on placement
© ICS/ Qamruzzaman

3. The host mum 

Whether its making sure you're fed well after a long day of work, or creating a safe place to come back to every day, host mum's got it covered. 

ICS volunteers with their host mum
© ICS/ Qamruzzaman
ICS volunteers with their host family
© ICS/ Qamruzzaman

4. The entrepreneur

You might come across them on your project work, or while living in the community. But there's always someone spotting opportunities and turning them into thriving businesses. 

Hemonto Kumar Roy, 23, owns a stationery shop in Parbotipur, northern Bangladesh. "I'm reinvesting the profits back into my business. In the future, I want to make a positive change. I want this business to be a big shop serving many people in my community."

A local entrepreneur outside his shop
© ICS/ Qamruzzaman

5. The young people making things happen 

In Birampur, northern Bangladesh, VSO ICS volunteers work with the local youth club to deliver sessions on governance and sexual and reproductive health rights. As part of their three month placement, they’re helping to make local young people aware of their rights.

Volunteers working on a session in the community
© ICS/ Qamruzzaman

6. The community leader

Whether its helping to get new members involved, or raising their voice for others - there's always someone in the community that stands out. 

Momtaj Khatun, 26, is leader of the Mini Garment Factory group of women tailors. Thanks to the increased income she’s now making through being part of the group, she’s able to support her husband and two children – and in the process is changing perceptions towards women in her community.

Community leader and her son
© ICS/ Qamruzzaman

7. The friendly neighbour 

Whether they live in your host home or not, they'll be around often - to share news, welcome you into the community, and maybe even invite you around for celebrations. 

Volunteers relaxing with neighbours at their host home
© ICS/ Qamruzzaman

And ultimately, in a new place away from your own home, you'll find people that make it seem a lot like it. 

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