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How to capture the perfect moment

This month, we’ve received over 300 amazing entries for the ICS Photo Competition, capturing some of the most unique moments from your placements around the world.

Six lucky winners of each category will receive subscriptions to Wanderlust magazine. Here, they share some of their tips on travel photography.

It's all about perspective, says Steve Davey, of Better Travel Photography

Save the stereotypes

In some ways you could call this the cliché section, but look for the unusual. Even though the subject may have been photographed countless times before, there are ways to capture it that may not have been found before. Photographing an icon in such a way that the image stands out from a sea of predictable, average shots isn’t easy. It takes creativity, originality and a lot of thought.


Think outside the box

Always look for a new angle – the old familiar angles can be found on every postcard stand across the globe. Try to think differently: get up  (safely!) high (climb a neighbouring building or hill) and view your subject from a distance with a long lens, or try a low angle with something interesting in the foreground. If you are prepared to hang out of a plane, then why not think about an aerial shot? There will always be a slightly different side to some of the great views.


Dedication’s what you need

It’s usually the light that makes a picture stand out from the crowd. You might be incredibly lucky with the light, but remember: more often than not, you make your own luck. During the day light can be brash and uninteresting. If you step out at sunrise the light might still be bad, but go back again the same time the next day – it might be better. You might even be fortunate and get a stunning sunrise cutting through a misty morning. This is how professional photographers manage to capture all those evocative images that you see on magazine pages. There is no trickery – just a lot of hard work, perseverance and a lot of early mornings.

Contrary to popular belief, bad weather can actually help make your pictures special, especially in those moments when the weather is dramatic and brooding.


Keep it natural

Another way to make your pictures stand out is to combine the icon with a person or object. Try being sensitive and creative.

For more inspiration and tips on making your photo stand out, take a look at Wanderlust.

This post was written by Steve Davey for Wanderlust. Wanderlust is an official sponsor of the ICS Photo Competition. Five winners in different categories and one video winner will receive subscriptions to Wanderlust.


Wanderlust is a sponsor of the ICS photo competition
Wanderlust is a travel magazine, and official sponsor of the ICS Photo Competition 2017.

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