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ICS Photo Competition 2019: See the five winning shots

Hundreds of volunteers entered. Thirty were shortlisted. Just five won.

From proud pictures of a Tanzanian youth group’s poetry performance to a cheeky snap of two counterparts in their matching tailored clothes – these five photos show volunteering at its best.

A group of yong people pose proudly for a photo against a brown wall
© Jazz Chandler

Overall winner

Jazz Chandler, 30
Raleigh ICS, Tanzania

Team Leader Jazz captured this shot of the children of the Mbela youth group proudly posing for a photo. The club were rehearsing for a poetry performance to hundreds of community members on why their generation believes good sanitation practices are so important.

“Seeing the youth group perform with such confidence and a nuanced grasp of what we’d shown them was touching and reassuring,” said Jazz. “But more important was the reception from the community, which reassured us these young Tanzanians are making an impact.”

An excited group of schoolchildren pose for a selfie with volunteer Glory
© Glory Mrema


Glory Mrema, 27
VSO ICS, Tanzania

Students at Nyengedi Secondary School, Lindi, pose for a jubilant selfie with Tanzanian volunteer Glory on the second day of her team’s work at the school.

Volunteers supported 15 to 19-year-old students to learn about sexual health – giving them safe and accurate advice to enable them to make the best decisions for their health.

“These girls became confident in asking and answering questions, standing in front of the class to present and even representing the school in external meetings,” said Glory.

Two volunteers in matching outfits stand together, one pulling the mouth of the other into a smile
© Joe Kan


Joseph Kan, 19
VSO ICS, Zambia

“I was trying to get my famously unsmiling counterpart George Kabaso to grin for just one photo,” explained UK volunteer Joe. The pair were working on sexual health projects in the town of Samfya, on the edge of Zambia’s expansive wetland, Lake Bangweulu.

A host mother instructs volunteer Catharine how to weave a basket as they sit in the shade
© Greg Gemmell

Host home

Greg Gemmell, 23
VSO ICS, Tanzania

A highlight of UK volunteer Greg's ICS placement was spending time with the community of Nyamwesi, Tanzania. While there, he became close with his host family and enjoyed talking, learning and relaxing together. Here, his host mother is teaching fellow ICS volunteer Catharine how to weave a basket out of grass.

Young people throw coloured paint in a big community celebration

Environment and community

James Boosey, 24
VSO ICS, Kenya

Members of the community of Loitokitok, Kenya take part in the ICS-organised ‘Colourfest’, a brightly-coloured, messy celebration of International Youth Day. UK volunteer James took this shot of his counterpart Kennedy getting involved as 125kg of paint powder was thrown in just two minutes by 300 attendees from the local area.

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