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ICS yearbook: Seven things we achieved in 2017

This year’s been big for ICS. Around the world, volunteers like you have worked in communities from Nepal to Nicaragua, supporting people living in some of the most challenging circumstances.

Here are just some of our favourite moments of 2017.

1. Our 30,000 volunteers

This year we celebrated our 30,000 volunteer pair – Faysal and Benon. Hear about their experience of working in Uganda and why they care about improving their communities.

Benon and Faysal are ICS's 30,000 volunteers
© Josh Daaki

2. Shapla resists early marriage

After working closely with ICS volunteers, Shapla convinced her parents to stop her from being forced into marriage at 14-years-old. She’s now in education. Learn how her life has changed.

Shapla with her mother. Shapla is now in school

3. Felix and Takyiwa become youth advisors

Two former ICS volunteers are using their voice and perspective as young people to help shape the direction of VSO. Here’s what they’re learning along the way.

Felix and Tatch are youth advisors to VSO's board

4. Ending the global ban on hijabs in basketball

When 27-year-old Asma realised the ban on hijab in basketball was keeping young girls from playing professionally, she started a global movement to help change it. Hear her story.

Asma on ending the global ban on hijabs
© © ICS / VSO / Andrew Aitchison

5. Supporting refugees

ICS volunteers in the UK and overseas have been turning their attention to supporting displaced people around the world. Read how Emmanuel, Jake, Usaama and Matt are helping others find a new home.

Jake on placement in Nepal
© Jake Neal

6. Changing attitudes to conservation

After becoming Rwanda’s first team leader, Irene turned his attention to stopping poaching in the country. Learn how changing attitudes was the biggest step.

Irene Duhuzukuri

7. Supporting women escaping abuse

This group of ICS volunteers worked closely with a female Ugandan entrepreneur who supports women fleeing domestic abuse. Their work has helped economically empower women who make beautiful handcrafted  textiles, garments, home décor and accessories. 

Women in Uganda
© Ginny Lattul

Whether its supporting young people at school, or challenging stereotypes, the work done by ICS volunteers continues to leave us feeling inspired. Thanks to the incredible support of people working with UK Aid, 2017 has been a year full of successes. We can’t wait to see what you’ll do in 2018.

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