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Kick starting your 2019 fundraising

Welcome to the New Year - and what an amazing one it's going to be for all you lucky ICS volunteers! However, before you can face the exciting challenges of buying your bus fare in a different language or eating mountains of rice for breakfast, you have to smash your fundraising challenge.


I know you're thinking 'how can I fundraise when everyone around me has the post-Christmas blues and is still feeling the aftershock of an expensive month?' Sadly the time for mulled wine and mince pies has passed but January offers its own opportunities too. Jump on board the get fit, healthy eating bandwagon before all your friends fall off it (again) and use people's new year's resolutions to help you fundraise.


This is the perfect time to push yourself and train for that run you've always wanted to do. Gather the enthusiasm of friends also on a fitness burst and train with them to stay motivated. You could also get them involved in your challenge so they can raise sponsorship for you too. If no amount of money can get you out running or cycling in the January rain then try going vegan or alcohol/ caffeine free for a month instead. Check out this blog for top tips for making the most of your sponsored challenge.

Volunteer on a bike
A VSO volunteer cycling his way to target

Classes and Tournaments

Poster advertising Zumba event

Gym classes and Zumba sessions up and down the country are going to be fully booked all month. Make the most of this while you can and run your own! Okay, so maybe you're not a yoga expert or have yet to figure out what exactly a squat really is but do you know someone who does? Could your mum's friend's neighbour's cousin get involved and help out this way? Or if you're confident you're not going to injure anyone, give it a go and try leading a dancercise class yourself.

Cake Sale

Not really in keeping with the healthy eating trend? Shake it up! Try a healthy treat sale of flapjacks or nut bars. You could also keep a little sugar in your life but make it vegan instead. Workplaces, schools and churches are great for this but get creative - try a protein snack or smoothie sale outside your local gym for post workout treats.

Girl with collection tin at table of cakes
Restless Development volunteer raising money and smiles with cake :)

Dinner Party

You might not want to face turkey or another nut roast for quite some time but after stretching your stomach for so long you need to fill it somehow. Dinner parties are the perfect January fundraiser. Try a cheap and warming soup or stew. You could even bring this into work and sell it at lunch time. Vegetarian and vegan options are also great at this time of year as people try out new things.

Plates of food on a table
Yummy food inspired by this volunteers placement country

If your version of getting fit is walking between the sofa and bed, and healthy eating is having just 2 donoughts instead of 5, don't panic! (Well, health aside). You can still fundraise! Classes don't have to be fitness based - try a 'crafternoon' where you spend an afternoon making candles or soap. Dinner parties don't have to be dinner parties - if you'll set your house on fire attempting to cook try a board games evening or pamper party instead.


Even though you probably won't be carolling or Christmas tree decorating now, there are so many exciting and fun things you can do! Get your 2019 off to the best possible start and get in touch with your Fundraising Support Officer to come up with ideas that work for you.

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