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Myth busting! Our 11 dos and don’ts of fundraising

DO set up a JustGiving page

Check out our JustGiving guidance for help.

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“Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when planning your events. Keep it simple and manageable, take up any offers of help and most of all have fun and enjoy yourself!”
Gabby from Lancashire - Restless Development

DO have a plan

Having a good plan is the key to success! Think up a minimum of 5 activities, including one big event and a challenge. Focus on how much you could raise, where, when and with who you are going to do each activity. Break it down into smaller chunks rather than focusing on the full target.

Notepad on a table, with coffee and muffin, ready to begin planning fundraising.
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“I wrote to everyone personally about my fundraising, ICS, and the work International Service does in Ghana. I attached a link to my JustGiving page so that people could make easy, online donations. I think the important part was stressing the positive impact people's donations could make to the cause.”
Olivia from Newcastle - International Service

DO spread the word about your fundraising and ICS

Fundraising is also about raising awareness, so promote the ICS programme and the ICS partner organisation you’re volunteering with. Whilst you are fundraising for us you are also helping us to spread the word – thank you! Share positive stories about how volunteering on ICS is making having a positive impact!

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DO get any necessary permission 

Remember you will need to get permission for your public fundraising events, get in touch with your Fundraising Support Officer for more advice.

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DO get stuff for free 

You shouldn’t have to spend money in order to raise funds, and with your authorisation letter in hand companies will be more likely to help you out with donations or a free venue.

A volunteer with lots of prizes for a raffle, including chocolate and and a portable speaker.

DO thank everyone

If you do this publicly on Facebook, add the link to your page underneath as it will encourage others to donate. It's also good to remind people how much your event has raised and where the funds are going.


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And the Don’ts…


DON’T leave it until the last minute 

It can take time to get permission for your events so don’t leave it until a week before your deadline!

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DON’T go it alone 

Get friends and family to volunteer and help organise your activities.

A group of volunteers all holding ICS buckets before a bucket collection
“I’ve told so many different people… My local church have made contributions. I also volunteer for a couple of organisations and they have had a whip round to help out. Even family I rarely see have contributed. I’ve also received a couple of donations from my old school after I’ve spoken to a few old teachers”
Aaron from Burnley - International Service

DON’T be afraid to ask

Our volunteers are always surprised by the amount of support they get and where it comes from. If you don’t ask you don’t get!

'If You Don't Ask You Do Not Get' written on notebook page with a red pencil on the right.
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DON’T wait to talk to your Fundraising Support Officer

Get in touch with us - we’re here to help, so make use of us.

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“I know it seems really daunting, but I raised £1500 in 5 weeks while working full time as a student nurse. This meant an average of 37.5 hours a week made up of 6, 8 or 12.5 hour shifts and one of the weeks I was working nights. I was really anxious about managing to arrange fundraisers alongside my nursing work, so I did have to manage my time well and be organised, jump on any opportunities and use fundraisers I could arrange simply”
Rose from Derbyshire - Tearfund

DON’T get stressed

You can’t spell Fundraising without FUN. There’s got to be a reason for that!







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