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New Year, new you! Using your resolutions to fundraise

Can’t keep your new year’s resolution? Use your Fundraising Support Team’s new year’s resolutions to keep your fundraising on track!

New Year’s Resolution 1 – Eat more healthily

Photo of two girls with vegan food
© Becky Mursell
Inspired by Rowan + Amy’s veganuary January

Food and fundraising always go well together but give yours a healthy twist this January.  Why not try selling healthy treats outside your gym? Get sponsored to become a vegan for a month? Hold a vegetarian dinner party?

Sounding too healthy for you? You don’t have to give up cake all together if you check out these two recipes for chocolate cake and banana bread.


New Year’s Resolution 2 – Take your hobby to the next level

Use your talents and boost your skills to help you fundraise.  Maybe you are an artist – can you sell some cards or exhibit your work? Are you a budding musician – go busking or hold an open mic night? Consider yourself a dancer - why not lead a Zumba class? More of a footballer? – Run a sports tournament

Inspired by Ciaran’s knitting + Mahomed’s love for cricket

New Year’s Resolution 3 - Get fit!

Girl on bike
© Amy McKee
Inspired by Josh’s half marathon and Becky cycling to work

Give yourself extra motivation to stay fit this year by taking up a sporting challenge. Make this personal to you! You can walk, run, swim, cycle or even pogo stick!

Need an extra incentive for people to donate? Why not organise a sweepstake!

Find a prize and in exchange for a minimum donation your supporters can guess the time it will take you to complete your challenge. Whoever guesses the closest time, wins the prize!


New Year’s Resolution 4 – Spend more time with friends and family

Fundraising’s not all about asking for money. It’s just as important to get friends and family to donate their time and talents to help you smash your target.

1 minute – ask them to share your story on social media. Use their networks!

1 hour – not a Mary Berry yourself? Ask a friend to bake some cakes for your cake sale or load them up with cakes to sell at their workplace.

1 afternoon – help out at your event - 3 friends helping you out could bring in on average £200 for an afternoon bag packing!

Inspired by Georgina’s resolution to keep in touch with family and friends.

Do a these things, hit your fundraising target and you can look as excited as our wonderful colleague Peri who is about to leave for a Team leader placement in Cambodia!

Peri by VSO sign
© Becky Mursell
Peri ready to leave for placement!

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