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Nine pictures that prove ICS will change your life.

Every single ICS placement is different. Whether its because it’s based in a new setting, that you will meet new people, or work on different projects that will challenge you. But the one that’s for sure – is that you won’t quite be the same after it.

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1. You’ll get to see a whole new place

Whether it’s seeing a new part of your country for the first time or going across the world to a different country – it’s an opportunity to experience a of life different to your own.

a card drives by in Senegal
© ICS / Javier Acebal

2. You'll work on projects that tackle some of the biggest problems of our time 

Use your skills to raise awareness of STDs, or get your hands dirty building a roof for a school. Your time will be spent working on projects that change lives.

Working on projects while on placement
© ICS / Javier Acebal

3. You’ll become part of a new family 

That you’ll love and be frustrated by in equal measure, but ultimately be so grateful to be a part of. People to love and look up to.

Volunteers with their host families
© ICS / Javier Acebal
A host mother in Senegal
© ICS / Javier Acebal

4. You’ll try new foods 

And most likely, try your hand at making them.

Volunteers preparing food in Senegal
© ICS / Javier Acebal

5. You’ll appreciate how different domestic life can be.

And realise how many resources go into the creature comforts around us.

A volunteer washing his clothes
© ICS / Javier Acebal
Clothes hanging on a line in Senegal

6. You'll find that you're good at things you didn’t even know you could do 

Like play games with children in your community, make a rug, tend a garden or fix a bike. You'd be surprised at what you will turn your hand to. 

Volunteers with their host families
© ICS / Javier Acebal
Watering plants at home
© ICS / Javier Acebal

7. You'll make friendships that last a lifetime 

People on ICS with you, your counterpart, your host family and the people you meet will change your lives in ways big and small.

Volunteers on placement in Senegal
© ICS / Javier Acebal

8. Most importantly you’ll realise that some of the biggest impact you will have, will be outside work 

When the kids in your host home are able to finally read that sentence, you’ll know that you’ve made an impact in ways you can’t capture just yet. 

Teaching English after work
© ICS / Javier Acebal

9. And you’ll always be looking for your next opportunity to make a difference 

The challenge has only just begun.

Volunteers on placement on ICS
© ICS / Javier Acebal

And whether you continue to volunteer or return to your life before ICS, you’ll know that your life will have changed because of it.


All pictures are from our work supporting livelihoods in Senegal. If you can see yourself as a volunteer. Apply now:

Still not convinced? Check out this video:

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