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Predicting success: volunteer Robert's psychic night was out of this world

Y Care International ICS volunteer Robert Foy knew he was going to be going away on a short volunteering project during his pre-departure process so needed to be super organised and manage his time effectively to make sure he’d smash his fundraising.

By thinking about his networks, he enlisted the help of his aunt who owns a local tea room and shop. They came up with the idea of hosting a psychic night! He said “her shop is often used as a venue for things such as flower arranging and afternoon tea so it made the ideal venue and people knew where it was”.

“Over the next couple of weeks we went on the hunt for some psychics, I didn't realize until now how much people like this sort of thing and how expensive they can be!

"We eventually found two psychics, Paul and Karen who were performing and reading at the same time. They agreed to help as it was for good cause and we set a date.

“Next came promotion; I created tickets and posters and put them in local hot spots like takeaways and shops, with contact details and information attached. Facebook was our biggest draw and people bought tickets almost instantly.”

Good marketing is key to a successful event so take a leaf out of Robert’s book and if you’re thinking of hosting something make sure you get the word out!

Volunteer Robert Foy held a psychic night for members of the public
© ICS / Robert Foy
Volunteer Robert Foy held a psychic night for members of the public

On the night, Robert’s aunt prepared food and opened the shop bar. They also did a raffle and all the prizes were donated from local businesses and restaurants.

Robert said “prizes included restaurant vouchers, afternoon tea, a bottle of prosecco, a signed football shirt, a candle, driving lessons and biscuits. Everyone was very generous!”

What great prizes! Raffles are a sure fire way to boost your funds at an event so we’d definitely recommend doing one. Robert said the night went brilliantly and his aunt has even decided to host another psychic night in February!

Robert told us, “I have learnt a lot about events and organisation which is something I have studied briefly previously and something I would like to pursue. To other volunteers I would say; think outside the box, don't ever feel shy about asking, be polite, use all of your resources and let people help you!”

They’ve done it again! Amazing work from our volunteers once more, and we love that the fundraising inspiration just never runs out. Keep up the hard work!

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