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Transform your fundraising photo by photo

Ever thought how your selfie can help you fundraise? This blog gives you the lowdown on how to get great photos that will help you boost your fundraising and even how to turn them into a fundraising activity!

Man outside supermarket holding basket in air
© Becky Mursell
Josh Owen, Fundraising Support Officer, about to buy his ingredients for his sponsored £5 food challenge

Practical ways photos can help promote your fundraising

According to the experts at Just Giving, a profile photo can increase your page value by 23%!

Add a profile photo to your Just Giving Page

 If you do nothing else to personalise your Just Giving page, make sure you add a profile picture. 

Think about what images you use. Aim to have a positive image and avoid stereotypes. Look at the ICS website for inspiration!

Volunteer at car boot sale
© ICS / Progressio / Becca Foster
Volunteer Becca Foster at a successful car boot sale

Use photos to help share your fundraising activity

Images can grab people’s attention and make your fundraising personal and relatable, especially on social media. Take advantage of this and use it to direct them to your Just Giving page or invite them to one of your events.

If you take on a sponsored challenge – consider keeping a ‘photo diary’ and share regular updates to keep donations coming in along the way.

Did you know that around 20% of donations will come in after a sponsored challenge? 

Use photos to thank your supporters and get extra donationsMake sure to choose a photo which captures your event and share widely with a link to your JustGiving page.

Local Media Coverage

Have you got the local media interested in covering your story? Make sure you get someone to take a few photos of you fundraising. This will increase the chance of your story being published and make it more engaging for the reader.

Although everyone loves a selfie, make sure you get some photos which don’t just have a close up of your face!

Getting in contact with your local newspaper? Make sure you check out this handy guide and press release tool

Outdoor Photoshoot with 4 people
© ICS/VSO/Emmy Malone
Behind the scenes on a photoshoot with VSO volunteer Emmy Malone.

3 Photo-tastic Fundraising Ideas

Maybe you know a friend who is a make-up artist or a whizz at doing hair?  Instead of donating financially, get them to donate their time to your fundraising by using their talents and get them involved on your photo shoot.

Photo shoots

Offer your talent to friends, family and even the public to have a photo shoot with you. Portraits, pets or maybe their favourite place….

Have a suggested donation for your time on the photo shoot and then consider how you will share the photos with them e.g. digital copy, framed photo, fridge magnet etc. Make sure if you have any additional costs they are covered within your suggested donation.

Photography exhibition
© ICS / Sam Delph-Janiurek
Host a mini exhibition and invite everyone along

Hold an exhibition

Find a venue and decide how you want to present your photos (hint they don’t have to be printed or framed and you could even use your home!)

Can you link your exhibition to another event e.g. a gig night, coffee morning?

Have a suggested donation to attend, maybe raffle off your photos and make sure you also have some refreshments.

Sell your photos

Got a portfolio of photos already? Set up shop!

Produce a range of cards, a calendar, framed photos, fridge magnets, key chain or even a mug. 

Sell online, at local markets or school fetes.


Top tips for taking a photo

Portrait of an ICS volunteer
© ICS / Y Care / Javier Acebal
Javier Acebal cleverly used this background to frame his subject

What is in the background?

Pay attention to what is behind your subject (e.g. the person/thing you want to photograph)

Is there something behind your subject which looks like it is sticking out of their head, for example a tree? If so, either move your feet or ask your subject to move one step to the left or right!

Try a different angle

Do you need to stand on a chair to get an overall shot of your event?

Can you get down low?

Photography is all about perspective.

Walk around the thing you want to photograph. Remember the best photo isn’t always the one from face on.

What is behind you? You might be watching the action, but what is the reaction to the people around you?

Gingerbread men
Make sure you get up close!

All about the detail

You might have a main attraction at your event, but what else is there?

Have you made something, decorated the venue or used a piece of equipment?

Cakes, posters, raffle prizes, a pair of trainers, your ICS t shirt…. be creative and get up close!

Having a variety of photos really helps to tell your story.

So grab your phone or your camera, get snapping and enjoy your fundraising!

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