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Unheard Stories: My documentary on the lives of Kenya's Deaf

My name is Raabia Hussain. I was born Deaf and I've lived in Oldham all my life.

In my world, there is no sound.

British Sign Language is my first language and part of my identity. It uses hand gestures, body movements and facial expressions.

This summer, I volunteered with ICS. I left from Manchester for a place called Nandi in central Kenya, where I was part of a team of all-Deaf volunteers.

We were working with children with disabilities at different schools around the county. Life for them is even more challenging than it is in the UK. Going to Kenya was hard for me as it brought back memories of when I was a child.

But it showed me that by changing attitudes towards disability, we can make a huge difference. This is the story of Kenya's Deaf and disabled.


Unheard Stories: The story of Kenya's Deaf and disabled

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