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Using Your Hobbies to Fundraise

Want to put the fun in fundraising? Use your hobbies and do what you love to smash your target.

ICS volunteers Hailey Shaw and Chloe Bradbury used their different hobbies of football and dance to hang out with friends, reach people they didn't personally know and raise those £££.

Hailey's Story:

I chose to host a football event is because my family and I are huge football fans and I have some friends playing for amateur teams.

Hailey didn't just rely on her own friends. By using the power of delegating she was able to reach a wider pool of people. I asked 8 friends to be captains for the tournament organising their own teams. A few weeks beforehand I made sure all captains knew the correct information with a group chat. This made them aware of who they would be playing and therefore less likely to drop out on the day. I also set up a Facebook event so spectators knew it was happening too.

Mind map of event planning
Come up with a solid plan early to help your even run smoothly.

In terms of challenges, due to a Liverpool game taking place on the day I had originally picked I had to change the date of my event. As I'd organised so early on this was not a problem. However, just over a week before the tournament was due to take place I visited the pitch and noticed that it was much larger than I initially thought meaning the original 5-a-side plan was not possible. I had to change to 7-a-side last minute which benefited my fundraising effort but put pressure on captains. To help I offered to help look for more last minute players too.

Once I had decided on the tournament it was actually really enjoyable to organise.
Hailey Shaw
Raleigh Tanzania Volunteer

I was really nervous before the event as it was out of my control who showed up or if teams dropped out. But with the help of my family and friends the day ran smoothly with no issues and lots of laughs! I couldn’t believe how much was raised. With football teams, raffles, games and spectators donating, I raised over £1000 on the day! Once the event was completed I felt really thankful and appreciative of everyone that made the effort to come down and support the event and cause that I was running it for.

Winning football team celebrating
© Hailey Shaw
The winning team celebrating their success!

Chloe's Story:

Have fun with it and show everyone just how amazing you are! Your fundraising and their donations are changing the world so be proud about it and shout it from the roof tops!
Chloe Bradbury
VSO Tanzania Volunteer

I used my passion of dance and performance to raise money. I used my local dance school to run a 'The Greatest Showman' themed dance workshop, charging £5 a head and opening it up to anyone aged 5-16 who wanted to come. We choreographed a dance with magic tricks, juggling, ribbon swirling and hula hooping. We also had a face painting stand with lots of glitter and gems which the little ones loved!  I had 39 people attend and raised £210.60! Even more wanted to come but we simply couldn't squeeze any more in the hall!

Group of people dancing
© Shutterstock

Like with lots of fundraising stories, Chloe's didn't go the way she thought it would. Chloe had initially wanted to run a quiz night but struggled to tie down a date and venue. However rather than give up she thought up a new and creative idea which really worked for her. If things don't go to plan, don't give up! Think of a plan B and chances are it will be a better plan anyway!

Chloe's top tip!

Do something you know that you will enjoy. Whatever your hobby is tailor it to a fundraising event. Do something around your interests and it won't feel like a chore. If you are happy and enjoying yourself so will everyone else - and happy people tend to be generous! 

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