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Watch: The ICS volunteer who’s delivered 1,000 meals since the UK’s ‘lockdown’ began

When the government began advising people to self-isolate, Molly, 22, immediately started thinking about the impact on those most vulnerable. Inspired by her experience with ICS she set out to do what she could to help as a volunteer during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Molly set up the food delivery service ''Molly's Meals'' to support those most vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I started Molly’s Meals, providing a fresh hot meal to vulnerable individuals each day. I’m now two weeks in and providing meals for 45 regular residents – with the number going up daily,” Molly explained.

“I’ve received fresh fruit and veg from restaurants in my town that have had to close, and local businesses have also been donating food. I’m going to keep going until the virus is safely gone.”

Molly is one of thousands of young people volunteering to help those advised to self-isolate by the UK Government because they are at increased risk from COVID-19. And it was her ICS placement on a youth employment project on Zanzibar, Tanzania, last October that gave her the skills to help in her own community in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

“My time in Zanzibar was easily the most fulfilling period of my life. The sense of community, from arriving to the students’ positive commitment to the project, made the whole placement a positive experience.

“The achievement I’m most proud of is the increase in confidence in the female students. When we arrived, it was difficult getting so much as a name from any of our girls, but by the end they were standing with pride at the front of a hall and giving presentations on topics that inspired them.”

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