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Youth volunteers driving positive change in Cambodia

National Youth Engagement Network (NYEN) Cambodia

NYEN Cambodia is a network of passionate youth volunteers with a shared vision – to drive youth economic empowerment and tackle environmental issues across Cambodia.

And they’re off to a flying start! In 2020, they welcomed 68 new members and empowered over 700 young people in the community. Through peer-learning and networking opportunities, the network creates opportunities for youth to develop skills, gain valuable experience, and give back to their communities.

They also build strong partnerships with like-minded organisations to make sure their activities are embedded in the community and sustainable.

Sustainable living

Fun is the name of the game - NYEN Cambodia use creative approaches to raise awareness of sustainable plastic use. Their Your Rubbish fashion show in Kampong Thom and Kampong Chhnang was a great success.

NYEN volunteer fashion parade. Cambodia.

Partnering with a local organisation, Volunteer My Community (VMC), NYEN Cambodia delivered capacity building sessions on climate action.

Participants re-purposed car tyres into planters and built structures from plastic bottles, learning how to find alternative uses for waste materials.

Volunteers re-using tyres as planters.

No-one left behind

Recognising that the impact of the COVID-19 would be most severe on marginalised and vulnerable communities, NYEN Cambodia wanted to reach out and raise awareness of the pandemic. Through informative posters and the local public address speaker systems, the network supported over 1200 households to respond safely to the coronavirus pandemic.

Volunteers putting up information posters

Working in Partnership

NYEN Cambodia know that, to change the world, one needs allies. They actively seek out like-minded partners to collaborate with a local and global level. So far, they have had positive collaborations with World Vision Cambodia and Fin Church Aid. They were awarded a $4,500 grant by the Ministry of Youth & Sports to raise awareness of climate action – a huge achievement!

Join us!

Youth networks like NYEN Cambodia create a dynamic space in which young people have a strong unified voice and are a powerful force for positive change. New members are always welcome - check out how to join a network in your country!

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