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Change your world with ICS

Volunteer overseas for 10-12 weeks. 

"ICS gave me a lot of skills. It’s such a great programme that I’ve recommended it to all my friends."
Danial William
volunteered in Nepal
Danial volunteered in Nepal

International Citizen Service (ICS) is not like any other overseas volunteering programme.

Funded by the UK Government's Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and run by respected international development organisations, ICS delivers real change to some of the poorest communities around the world.

ICS isn't a holiday. It's demanding but hugely rewarding. It's a great opportunity for personal development, a stepping stone to future careers and a chance to make your world a better place.

What is included?

As well as structured training and support, ICS volunteers receive: 

  • visas
  • flights
  • travel and medical insurance
  • medication
  • vaccines
  • food and accommodation and a small allowance during their placement.

What's the catch?

Unlike some programmes where volunteers pay for a part holiday/part volunteering experience, ICS is funded because the UK Government believes in the positive impact of young people and wants to offer them an opportunity to change their lives and the lives of others.

Personal development

Volunteers benefit from comprehensive training as part of the programme. They take part in a challenging overseas placement and support work at home. This builds vital transferable skills that contribute towards personal development and finding a job. 

  • 74% of volunteers regarded their ICS experience as the main reason they chose their career
  • 97% of volunteers compare ICS favourably against other opportunities such as apprenticeships, work experience or internships
  • 98% of volunteers would recommend ICS as a way to develop skills for employment

Meaningful volunteering

volunteering in Cambodia

We don't offer ‘voluntourism.’ Our projects contribute directly towards ending poverty in line with the sustainable development goals.

As part of ICS UK volunteers work side-by-side with local volunteers in developing countries, staying with host families in the local community.

Our programmes are designed with young volunteers in mind. Young people bring energy, creativity and they’re uniquely positioned to better reach other young people.

By joining ICS you will be able to make a meaningful contribution towards reducing global poverty.

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Funded by the UK Government.

ICS is funded by the UK's Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), which projects the UK as a force for good in the world, including reducing poverty and tackling global challenges.

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