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Engaging with the media

Engaging with the media is a great way to share your ICS story, raise awareness about development issues and increase support for positive development.

Telling your own personal ICS story is one of the best ways to engage a wider audience. It makes international development more accessible and can drum up support, encourage involvement and raise awareness of ICS, international issues and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Send your story to the media now

Got a story to tell but don’t know where to start? Try our easy-to-use press release template. Simply fill in your details, and we’ll do the hard work to send it out to your local newspapers. 

Local media love to hear about people in their area doing interesting things so they will be eager to hear about your ICS experience and any ongoing activities.

© Rebecca Pearce
Rebecca used her love for photography to capture moments in her host home and her project, leaving them behind as keepsakes for the community that hosted her.

It’s important to keep a local angle so let them know you’re from the area, that your event is happening locally or that you’re helping the local community.

There are other ways to talk about your ICS experience, including:

  • Contacting your local radio stations
  • Writing a blog or making a video
  • Making a podcast
  • Organising a photography exhibition
  • Talking about your ICS experience on social media

What are other volunteers doing?

Stories about ICS volunteers are published in the media each week, so a feature in a newspaper is definitely achievable!

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Volunteers have worked on many varied projects for their Action at Home. For example:

  • Tom was on ICS he recorded enough footage to produce a documentary about his time in Malawi 
  • When Anisa delivered this powerful animated spoken word piece on women’s empowerment. Upworthy published it and almost 200,000 people heard her speak about a cause close to her heart.
Upworthy shared Anisa's animation, reaching almost 200,000 people

Where next?

  • Sent your press release? Fill out the form now
  • Get in touch - email us at – we always want to hear about your achievements.
  • Youth For Change – this youth-led activist hub is always looking for contributors keen to write on FGM, youth participation in development and women’s rights  

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