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Fundraising FAQs

Frequently asked questions:

Why is there a deadline?

It’s really important that we receive the funds in advance of you going on placement, so we will set you a deadline to make sure all funds are received and processed. This also allows you to focus on other pre-departure concerns in the weeks before you go overseas. Your place with ICS may come under review if we haven’t received your funds by the deadline. We don’t want you to worry about this though, as we know how achievable your target is. Talk to your Fundraising Support Officer for advice and support if you have any concerns!

Is it possible to get an extension on the deadline?

Your Fundraising Support Officer may be able to grant you an extension in exceptional circumstances, but this can only be done with their permission. If you need an extension, it’s doubly important you keep in touch with your Fundraising Support Officer so they know that you’ve been working hard to get to your target. You will also need to ask for an extension in advance of the deadline. If you are granted extra time to fundraise, you may also be given certain conditions to follow such as updating your Fundraising Officer more regularly, and paying in donations daily.

Why is there a halfway deadline?

Some of you may have a halfway deadline. This is to help you stagger your fundraising. Obviously, having one event on the day of your deadline is incredibly risky, so we suggest you stagger your fundraising between when you are selected and the deadline by having several smaller events. In our experience this will make it significantly easier to hit your target.

Can I use my own money to boost my fundraising?

We strongly recommend against making a large donation towards your fundraising target for a number of reasons. Our experience is that when volunteers make a large donation they can feel as though they’ve paid for something, which of course is not true. If you want to make a small donation towards your ICS Fundraising then you are at liberty to do so. However we expect all volunteers to complete fundraising activities. Remember, the funds you raise through your activities will contribute towards the overall running costs of the ICS programme. This means you are not paying for your place and the money you raise won’t necessarily be spent on your project. As such we generally do not offer refunds on donations.

How should I explain my fundraising to my donors?

Those who give to your fundraising need to know that they are giving to help people in the world’s poorest countries. Volunteer fundraising provides 10% of the total ICS budget, and that means the money your donors give will support all ICS partners to run the programme effectively and safely. We will always ensure that their funds contribute to our vital work. Laws on how charities can use donations mean we cannot give back their donations apart from in exceptional circumstances.

How does JustGiving work?

Once you’ve reached your target online, you have finished your fundraising! JustGiving will pay funds through to your ICS charity as and when they come in. But remember, if you’ve typed in an amount to your offline funds this won’t be counted! You must pay in any cash you’ve collected by making a donation onto your page.

How do I pay in offline funds?

If you receive cash donations, please pay the amount into your own bank account and then donate to yourself on JustGiving, with a note of where the funds have come from. If you receive cheques, please send them to your contact at your ICS charity. If you’re not sure, just check with your FSO and they will let you know! Make sure to include details of your name and that it is ICS fundraising.

Does Gift Aid count towards my target?

No. Gift Aid is designed to give charities additional funds on top of donations. As a result you need to hit your fundraising target without any Gift Aid amounts. And remember, if you’re paying in cash from an event or donations from others, you can’t claim Gift Aid on these.

What should I do if I have a problem with JustGiving?

The team at JustGiving are really helpful, so just get in contact with them if you have any queries about Just Text Giving, online banking or technical problems.

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