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Setting up a JustGiving page

To set up your page, just follow your charity link below, and go through our step-by-step guide.

1. You will see a box (like the one below) asking for your email address.

JustGiving box

2. If you are an existing JustGiving account holder simply enter your email address, click Continue and enter your password to Log in (go to step 5). If you do not have a previous account then enter your email address and click to Sign up to JustGiving (this won’t cost you anything!)

3. Complete your profile then click ‘Continue’.

4. Choose your fundraising web address - please use your name for this. Do not change the name of your page after this point as won’t be able to find you!

5. Please leave 'no' ticked for 'Are you planning to ask for donations to your JustGiving page in return for goods, services or other benefits?' If you tick 'yes' then your page will not be eligible for Gift Aid from normal donations to your page.

6. Please leave ‘no’ ticked for ‘Is your charity contributing to the cost of your fundraising?’

7. You're almost there! Click 'Create your page'.

(8. You will receive an email informing you that you created a JustGiving page for your ICS charity. Well done!)

9. Your page is now ready for you to personalise!

10. Edit your page title, make sure your fundraising target is correct and add at least one photograph of you.

11. Edit your fundraising summary. This is what people will read at the top of your page – so keep it short and snappy.

12. And finally, most importantly, edit your personal story using the template below:

Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page. I’m really excited to tell you that I have been selected to volunteer overseas with [agency name] on an International Citizen Service placement.

ICS works with communities that have specifically requested their help. It also aims to inspire young people in the UK and overseas to become active citizens who are passionate about long term community development.

The first part of my placement is a challenge to raise [insert your target] towards the work of [insert agency] and their ICS partners. The money raised will go towards enabling the overall costs of ICS, ensuring they can to continue sending youth volunteers to the developing world to make a lasting difference in disadvantaged communities.

My place on the programme is already paid for - visas, flights, travel and medical insurance, medication, vaccines, food, the lot!  This is because ICS believes in the positive impact of young people and wants to offer them an opportunity to change their lives and the lives of others. All the funds volunteers raise will support all ICS partners to run the programme effectively, always contributing to their vital work.

Amongst other things, I’ll be [insert detail of fundraising activity] and you can keep track of how I get on here on my JustGiving page or [insert blog/Facebook link if appropriate]. Any contribution from you will make a real difference to the lives of people in developing countries, so please dig deep!

Thanks for your support!

Or if you want to write it yourself, it’s a good idea to:

  • Talk about what you are doing
  • Explain why you’re taking part and what it means to you
  • Explain what ICS is about (lots of information on the website
  • Explain why you're fundraising and where the money goes
  • Add why people’s support means so much to you
  • Say thank you!

13. Once you’ve done all this press Save and Continue.

14. You can keep updating your page by clicking 'Personalise' or 'Edit your page', which take you through to the back end of your campaign. Here you can edit previous information and you can also share your page via social media. It also a great idea to personalise the ‘Thank You’ message each donor automatically receives. In addition to expressing your thanks, use this opportunity to ask supporters to pass on your web address to anyone else that might sponsor you.

15. Always Save your changes!

16. Finally, set up your text donate code, JustTextGiving, to share online and at events where people have no cash.

When you’re logged in, click through to edit your page and you'll see a red Vodafone button on the right side of the screen. Click through and follow the instructions. If you have any trouble at all, call the JustGiving support team as they’re really helpful!


And you're done! Add your page link to email signatures, share on social media platforms, and keep it up to date with news, event information, and thank yous to your donors!

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