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ICS Celebration and Engagement Event

July - August 2018

In the last year, we supported our 30,000th volunteers on their ICS journeys, witnessed truly inspiring active citizenship and saw countless amazing examples of development across the world. 

From July through and past Youth Day in August 2018, we brought hundreds of ICS volunteers together across Africa, Asia and the UK to celebrate the programme’s incredible achievements so far.

None of this would have been possible without ICS volunteers.

Find out what happened


Uganda - Restless Development - 28 July

Restless will be celebrating the ICS programme’s success over the last two years.

Here’s what will be taking place:

  • A career development session
  • Exhibition of the work achieved through ICS – including the cleaning of a ward at a public hospital and sexual health services
  • Presentations from two motivational speakers on entrepreneurship and career development
  • Alumni exhibitions and presentations on life after ICS and the impact the programme has made to their lives


Ghana - Challenges Worldwide - 4 and 11 August

Ghana’s event has been planned by representatives of each ICS agency.

The event will bring together all ICS agency alumni as well as host families, businesses and community leaders, with everyone able to share their experiences and network. Volunteers will be profiled on Challenges Worldwide’s social media platforms on the day.

Sessions will be delivered on teaching young people skills to help with employment and entrepreneurship, such as interviewing skills, how to prepare a CV and digital marketing and public speaking.

Kenya - VSO - 11 August

In Kenya, VSO ICS volunteers have worked alongside the community to promote social inclusion at all levels of decision making.

VSO’s event will celebrate the achievements of ICS volunteers, the work placements, host families and other stakeholders that have made Kenya’s programme the success it is today. It will showcase success stories from the community, talks from volunteers and host families, and discussions with businesses on how they’ve benefitted from their involvement with ICS.

Kenya - Balloon Ventures - 11 August 

Balloon are holding an event in Nakuru. This daytime event will bring together alumni, host parents, entrepreneurs as well as staff and other volunteers from across the consortium. 

There’s going to be an active citizenship awards ceremony, as well as alumni speakers and performances – as well as a showcase of some of the most amazing stories of impact from Balloon’s Kenya programme.

Burkina Faso - International Service - 11 August

During the day, Burkina ICS alumni will convene in Ouagadougou for a celebration of the work of ICS volunteers in the country.

It’ll feature a conference on the importance of youth volunteering for the country’s development, speeches by alumni on the impact of ICS on their personal and professional lives and a competition to find the best artists from their cohort – all keen poets, artists and photographers – get involved!

Nepal - Raleigh International and Restless Development - 11 August

In Nepal, Raleigh and Restless are holding a day-long event. It’s going to be made up of four activities:

  • A photo competition to show the impact of ICS on volunteers and communities. The winner will have the chance to share their stories of volunteering!
  • A screening of videos sent in to us from volunteers across the world as they reflect on the impact ICS has had on them.
  • A celebration of the stakeholders who have made the project successful
  • And a five-a-side football tournament bringing together volunteers from all agencies to compete against each other – and the National Youth Council

Uganda - Balloon Ventures - 11 and 12 August

Balloon Ventures are holding an event in Jinja. It’s going to be a daytime event bringing together alumni, local host homes and entrepreneurs as well as Ugandan ICS alumni from across the consortium.

There will be an active citizenship awards ceremony, as well as alumni speakers and performances – not to mention showcasing some of the most amazing stories of impact from the Uganda programme.

Bangladesh - Y Care International - 12 August

Y Care’s event will be taking place in the two communities where they deliver ICS – Edilpur and Birisiri. It will be a one-day event divided into two parts:

  • A celebration of ICS and the achievements of volunteers, including a rally around the community, a presentation from alumni, partner organisations and the community on the impact of ICS, and a presentation from alumni on their priorities for the future of youth volunteering
  • A workshop on a priority Sustainable Development Goal and workshops from experts, presentations and drama from alumni and group work activities

UK - VSO - 12 August

Nigeria - VSO - 12 and 24 August

With over 360 alumni in Nigeria spread across 27 states, VSO’s alumni celebration activities will be completed in three stages to showcase the benefits of lifetime volunteering and to encourage taking action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Screening of a documentary showing the impact of ICS: ‘The Role of Volunteering on Personal and Community Development: The Nigerian Perspective
  • Helping to raise awareness about the SDGs with a focus on different community’s needs
  • An award ceremony with three prizes.
    • For a volunteer who has continued to make impact in their local community after placement
    • For a volunteer whose action at home activity had the greatest impact and has inspired people to lead change in their communities
    • For a photograph that speaks about an inspiring moment or activity while on placement

Sierra Leone - Y Care International - 13 to 15 August

Y Care’s alumni celebrations will last three days – packed full of different presentations.

It will feature a youth conference with a debate and quiz for students that volunteers have taught in different schools, presentations from community youth members on the work of ICS volunteers in disaster risk management and health and sanitation, and volunteers and community members speaking about the personal impact ICS has had on their lives.