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ICS quality principle: Diversity

Ali Beni and Suzie Bennett

"A diverse range of young people are given the opportunity to participate in the programme."

ICS is committed to recruiting a body of UK volunteers representative of the UK's diversity.

We believe that when diverse groups of people work together they learn more about one another and the world around them.

We also believe that a team with people from different backgrounds and life experiences can better understand the challenges facing the community where it works. 

“Most volunteering programmes were just too expensive for me. As soon as I saw ICS in a newspaper, I applied for it.

"I chose Bangladesh because I suppose I wanted to reconnect with the culture and my wider family – I had been there once before but did not really feel I knew it. Now that I’m home I will tell the girls at the Tottenham Islamic Cultural Centre, where I volunteer, about my experiences.”
Nushrath Khandoker
VSO ICS, Bangladesh
Nushrath Khandoker

Our quality principles

Diversity is one of the seven ICS quality principles. These principles ensure all our different projects, partners and volunteers bring about positive change.

The other principles are:


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