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Keynote speakers & workshop facilitators

This information is from the World Youth Skills Day event held on Saturday 15th July.

Join our keynote speakers and workshop facilitators at our World Youth Skills Day event in Newcastle. They'll be passing on their knowledge and experience to help you develop your employability skills now you're back from placement.


John Loughton
John Loughton has engaged audiences of over 300,000 in 40 countries

John Loughton

John Loughton is a high profile, award-winning youth rights campaigner, social entrepreneur and leadership speaker, as well as CEO of leadership training company Dare2Lead, which since its formation has inspired over 30,000 people.

In 2013 he was named the Outstanding Youth of the World, and in 2016 was named World Peace Ambassador by the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.

He has spoken in the United Nations General Assembly, The Whitehouse, British Parliament, European Parliament, TedX and many other significant venues.

James Cathcart
James Cathcart was the Chief Executive of the UK Youth Parliament

James Cathcart

James Cathcart is currently on a 'gap year'.

He's volunteering and campaigning for greater youth participation in society, including for the #iwill campaign to increase youth volunteering in the UK and the Commonwealth Society.

His career was kickstarted through volunteering, first with the International Voluntary Service and then as a full time Community Service Volunteer.

His subsequent journey of 35 years, via youth work, care, juvenile justice and mentoring included spells at the National Children's Bureau and The Prince's Trust until he became the Chief Executive of the British Youth Council/UK Youth Parliament (2008-2016).

Tom Boon has appeared before at TEDx events as a speaker
Tom Boon has appeared before at TEDx events as a speaker

Tom Boon

Tom started off as a volunteer with Raleigh International in 2012, where his overseas placement sparked a passion for international development.

Since then, he has volunteered on ICS with VSO in Tajikistan, is three years into his International Studies degree at the Open University, and has spoken on the TEDx stage.

In addition to his day-to-day job at Raleigh, which involves delivering talks across the country to inspire young people to volunteer overseas, he is an advocate of mental health and aims to encourage people, especially young men, to open up about how they feel.

Jack Fellows champions Ghana's bright textile industry in the UK
Jack Fellows champions Ghana's bright textile industry in the UK

Jack Fellows

Jack Fellows is the founder of The Social Mercenary - a new apparel company doing things differently.

He started his venture after his ICS placement to champion the bright colourful textiles from Ghana through ethical production.

These Ghanaian prints personify positivity and along with his team they want to share this positivity with the world. To get this project started they will be Kickstarting on the 10th of August. He’ll be sharing his inspirational story.


Workshop facilitators

Matt Baille-Smith
Matt has worked with one of the ICS partner agencies on volunteering research

Matt Baillie-Smith
What next for international development, and where might you fit in?

Matt is Professor of International Development at Northumbria University, where he leads the Northumbria Centre for International Development.

Before becoming an academic, he worked for a development NGO, and continues to work with a range of global development actors.

Matt's research is particularly focused on volunteering, civil society and citizenship.

Current projects include research in India with VSO-supported NGO Pravah on volunteering, caste and gender, a large six country study on the experiences of Volunteers in Conflicts and Emergencies in partnership with the Swedish Red Cross, and research on 'South-South' volunteering.

Lynn Hobson
Lynn enjoys working with those who wouldn't normally get involved with the work of Parliament

Lynn Hobson
What's Parliament got to do with me?

Lynn works in community outreach and engagement for the UK Parliament, offering a range of interactive workshops, talks and presentations delivered free of charge in partnership with organisations across the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber.

Lynn particularly enjoys working with people who would not normally consider getting involved in the work of Parliament. She encourages people to understand what Parliament does and how they can be heard on matters that concern them.

Nazzy, Keya and Raf are carrying out research into implementation of the SDGs in the UK
Nazzy, Keya and Raf are carrying out research into implementation of the SDGs in the UK

Nazzy, Keya and Raf
Using youth power to hold governments accountable; why the Global Goals matter to young people

The Accountability Advocates project in the UK, or Team UK as we call ourselves, is in coalition with other youth advocates from Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Ghana and Uganda.

The project was founded by Restless Development and was previously supported by Plan UK, Yes Ghana, African Monitor, and the European Union Commission.

We are working on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the UK, showing how young people have the power to hold the UK government accountable for the promises made with the adoption of the SDGs in September 2015.

Our intention is to collect data, both primary and secondary, to monitor and review government action on the SDGs in our respective countries.

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