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Making a difference

ICS is not like other overseas volunteering programmes.

ICS is run by respected development organisations and funded by the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID).

We don't offer ‘voluntourism.’ Our projects contribute directly towards ending poverty in line with the sustainable development goals.

Our programmes are designed with young volunteers in mind. Young people bring energy, creativity and they’re uniquely positioned to better reach other young people. By joining ICS you will be able to make a meaningful contribution towards reducing global poverty. Local ICS volunteers work alongside UK ICS volunteers, exchanging ideas and collaborating on finding effective solutions to real-life problems. This means that progress is focused and sustainable.

93% of project partners say that their organisation is better able to bring about positive change in the local area as a result of ICS.

Recent activity

Last year we:

  • Delivered 34,967 hours of peer education
  • Completed 4,641 action research projects
  • Spent a total of 22,092 hours raising awareness about key issues and supporting information sharing.
  • Gave 30,584 hours of training on a range of areas including business skills, entrepreneurship and employability – to help people better able to support themselves and their families.
  • Worked on 2,760 infrastructure projects.
Your ICS placement is about more than what you do while you're overseas