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Meeting your needs

Our commitment

As a matter of principle no volunteer will be excluded from accessing the programme due to cost.

At ICS we are committed to delivering a diverse and inclusive programme and will make reasonable adjustments throughout the journey to ensure that all volunteers have a positive experience of international volunteering. 

A better experience for everyone

We value the variety of skills and knowledge that a diverse team brings and we believe that when diverse groups of people work together they can make a greater impact.

Health concerns

You will need to complete a health questionnaire and be medically cleared by an appointed medical professional before going away.

Placements are generally in rural areas of developing countries where local facilities may be very basic.

It is essential that you provide us with as much information as possible about any medical problems you have experienced in the past or which are current so that we can try to accommodate any medical requirements you may need, yet this may not always be possible.

Find out more about staying healthy overseas


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