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  • Workshops and talks

    This information is from the World Youth Skills Day event held on Saturday 15th July.

    On the day you'll be able to choose between a number of workshops and talks. You'll be able to take part in one workshop per session and spaces…

  • Keynote speakers & workshop facilitators

    This information is from the World Youth Skills Day event held on Saturday 15th July.

    Join our keynote speakers and workshop facilitators at our World Youth Skills Day event in Newcastle. They'll be passing on their knowledge and…

  • Here’s how I ended the global ban on hijabs in basketball

    Basketball coach, actor and spoken word poet Asma Elbadawi, 27, didn’t understand why a head covering should stop fellow Muslim women and girls from playing basketball professionally. Recently, as part of a group…

  • Your own personal development

    Watch the Team Leader films below to help you with your own personal development.

  • Building relationships

    Watch the Team Leader films below to help you build relationships.

  • Supporting learning

    Watch the Team Leader films below to help you support learning. 

  • Managing your team

    Watch the Team Leader films below to help you manage your team. 

  • ICS volunteer moves to Greece to help refugees

    At six, Usaama Kaweesa moved with his family to the UK from Uganda. As an immigrant leaving a country of extreme poverty, the refugee cause is one that’s always been close to his heart. Now 27, he tells us why he…

  • World Youth Skills Day 2017

    We held a free event in Newcastle on Saturday 15th July for ICS volunteers to develop vital transferable skills.

    The day was jam-packed with useful training, workshops and motivational speakers to help develop both personal…

  • Change your world with ICS

    Volunteer overseas for 10-12 weeks. 

  • ICS for NCS graduates

    ICS is an overseas volunteering programme for 18-25 year olds, funded by the UK Government.

    All you need to apply for ICS is the ambition to make a difference.

    With your NCS volunteering…

  • Predicting success: volunteer Robert's psychic night was out of this world

    Y Care International ICS volunteer Robert Foy knew he was going to be going away on a short volunteering project during his pre-departure process so needed to be super organised and manage his time effectively to…

  • My funny video made my second fundraising attempt a success

    Well hello there Fundraising Fans! This week we’ve got some great tips from a VSO ICS Team Leader who created a funny fundraising video in order to bring in the money for his second ICS placement in Tanzania with…

  • 'Don't be disheartened': Two creative ideas that brought in the money

    Happy Fundraising Friday y'all! It's that time again, you lucky things.

    This week we've got some creative and classic fundraising, so on with the show!

    Heather Hodkinson decided to use her natural…

  • Staying positive: our top tips for keeping the momentum during fundraising

    Hey Fundraising Fans! Today we wanted to talk you through how to stay positive while fundraising.

    We know this is easier said than done.

    Even so, it’s an issue that comes up time and time again…

  • "It was an exciting challenge": top tips from first time ICS fundraisers

    Well hello there Fundraising Enthusiasts and a Happy New Year to you all!

    We thought we’d ease you all back into the swing of fundraising with some cracking ideas brought to you by our delightful…

  • From art exhibitions to tote bags: two volunteers getting creative to fundraise

    If you’ve signed up to do ICS, I’m going to bet it’s because you want to push yourself out of your comfort zone, do something that maybe you’d never imagined you’d be doing and learn something new.


  • Putting on a show: How Claudia's cricket club night brought in the money

    This week we feature Fundraising Superstar and Raleigh International ICS volunteer Claudia Eusebi who managed to smash her fundraising target by putting on a night at her cricket club.

    To reach your…

  • Office Olympics, living below the line and mum pilates

    This week we feature Fundraising Superstar Becca Foster who faced her fundraising head on – embracing the challenge and getting stuck in. 

    She achieved her goal and now has a great story to tell. So, onto…

  • Planning your life after placement

    As an ICS Team Leader you will develop lots of knowledge, skills and experience that could be transferable to whatever you do next.

    You don’t need to have your whole life and career mapped out, but do take the time to…

  • Supporting volunteers with additional needs

    The diversity of your team may mean that some volunteers need more support than others.

    Remember that you are not expected to be an expert on every additional need your volunteers may have, and you should work closely with…

  • Juggling your role in the team and with staff

    As a Team Leader you may find yourself juggling a variety of roles and responsibilities.

    You will often act as a bridge between the in-country staff and the wider volunteer team.

    Watch this short film to hear from…

  • Supporting learning about international development

    ICS provides a great opportunity to learn more about global issues, international development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    As a Team Leader you can support your team to make the links between ‘the local’…

  • Building a relationship with your counterpart

    The ICS programme values shared working and learning.

    Your relationship with your Team Leader counterpart is a great opportunity to put this value into practice and model the counterpart relationship with the rest of your…

  • Building a relationship with the wider community

    On your placement you will be living and working within a local community.

    Community integration is a key part of the ICS programme, so as a Team Leader it’s important that you look for opportunities to build a strong…

  • Building a relationship with your host family

    During your placement you are likely to be living with a host family.

    Building a strong relationship with your host family will enable you to support your volunteers to do the same with theirs.

    Watch this short…

  • Supporting individual learning

    As a Team Leader you will be supporting the individual learning of your volunteers through structured one-to-one meetings and on a more informal ongoing basis.

    You will also support your volunteers to set some personal…

  • Supporting group learning

    In addition to the specific training that volunteers receive on the programme, ICS encourages ongoing learning and reflection.

    As a Team Leader you should support your team to meet regularly and encourage your volunteers…

  • Managing expectations

    “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and it’s important to remind your team that their placement won’t be either!

    You can help your team members to manage their expectations by reminding them that they are part of a large-scale…

  • Motivating your team

    During your placement there are likely to be times when your team is feeling very motivated and engaged, and other times when they may lose motivation and feel frustrated.

    As a Team Leader you will need to learn to read…

  • Looking after your own needs

    As a Team Leader, you will play a key role in supporting the needs of your team members.

    However, it is important to make time to look after your own needs too. This can be challenging when juggling many different…

  • Games and energizers

    While your team will be working on a specific project during your placement, there will also be opportunities for more social activities and games.

    Energizers can also be useful tools to motivate your team when energy is…

  • Team Leader Support Network

    Only TLSN Facebook group requests from Team Leaders already selected and/or on their ICS placement will be accepted.

    Please contact your ICS agency for more information.

    Click here to join the group

  • Managing team dynamics and conflict

    Your team will be living and working together on their ICS placement for 10-12 weeks.

    During that time the dynamics within the team may change many times and could lead to some challenging situations or even conflict. As a…

  • Managing language barriers

    Within your team you are likely to have a variety of languages and accents.

    You will need to be creative and find ways to manage these language barriers so that your team can work together and with the community.

  • Supporting cross cultural learning and diversity

    As a Team Leader you will be supporting your team to learn from their cross-cultural environment.

    Your team members will come from a diverse range of backgrounds, beyond their cultural identities, such as level of…

  • Five skills you can learn from volunteering overseas

    ICS pushed me well out of my comfort zone and equipped me with experience of overcoming challenges in an unfamiliar environment. As a result, I have an increased confidence to accept more difficult tasks at work and take the lead…
  • Bucket collections

    Bucket collections are a great way to bring in donations for your ICS fundraising.

    In this video, ICS Fundraising Officer Rowan talks you through her top tips for planning bucket collections as part of…

  • Broadstairs to Land's End: Joanna's 400 mile ride was a personal challenge

    Volunteer Joanna Maskens decided to take on a massive sponsored challenge as a part of her fundraising - cycling from Broadstairs to Land's End. camping as she went. That’s over 400 miles! We’re pretty sure none…

  • Lessons I learned through my fundraising

    Getting started with your fundraising can seem daunting. It did for Raleigh volunteer Louise Hunnisett. But, where there is a will there is a way and once Louise got started she was amazed how quickly she met her…

  • On the move: Jonny's 244km bike ride from coast to coast for ICS

     International Service ICS Team Leader Jonny Snowden also felt initially worried about fundraising but decided to launch into several physical challenges, turning his passion (keeping fit) into a fundraising…

  • At uni? No time? Here's how Imogen fit fundraising around her life

    Summer is supposed to be a time when we kick back and relax, but we know that it can be the busiest time of year for our ICS volunteers with exams, work, weddings, holidays and of course fundraising.

  • Fundraising showed Beth the MC skills she didn't know she had

    With a new season comes a new group of volunteers kicking of their ICS journey with some great fundraising! This week’s fundraising blog is all about getting started and getting stuck in!

    The cake sale

  • Down to business in Kenya

    Balloon ICS volunteer Jamie is in Kenya working with local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Here he talks about the first two weeks of the programme and what his team plans to do next.

  • Cookies

    What are cookies?

    Cookies are small text files stored on your computer, created by web sites to improve functionality (such as remembering your preferred language), ease of use (remembering that you have logged in for the duration…

  • Fundraising is a juggling act. Here's how Rose and Abi managed to keep up

    Having to juggle various commitments is an unavoidable part of a fundraiser’s life!

    You’re all probably experiencing this to a certain degree and learning in the process how to prioritise, how to manage…

  • Your ICS Team Leader application is complete

    Thank you for applying to be an ICS Team Leader. 
    Your ICS journey starts here.


    Now get your mates on ICS

    Have you got a friend, family member or partner who you think…

  • Fundraising FAQs

    Frequently asked questions:

    Why is there a deadline?

    It’s really important that we receive the funds in advance of you going on placement, so we will set you a deadline to make sure all funds are…

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