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  • Bucket collections

    Bucket collections are a great way to bring in donations for your ICS fundraising.

    In this video, ICS Fundraising Officer Rowan talks you through her top tips for planning bucket collections as part of…

  • Broadstairs to Land's End: Joanna's 400 mile ride was a personal challenge

    Volunteer Joanna Maskens decided to take on a massive sponsored challenge as a part of her fundraising - cycling from Broadstairs to Land's End. camping as she went. That’s over 400 miles! We’re pretty sure none…

  • Lessons I learned through my fundraising

    Getting started with your fundraising can seem daunting. It did for Raleigh volunteer Louise Hunnisett. But, where there is a will there is a way and once Louise got started she was amazed how quickly she met her…

  • On the move: Jonny's 244km bike ride from coast to coast for ICS

     International Service ICS Team Leader Jonny Snowden also felt initially worried about fundraising but decided to launch into several physical challenges, turning his passion (keeping fit) into a fundraising…

  • At uni? No time? Here's how Imogen fit fundraising around her life

    Summer is supposed to be a time when we kick back and relax, but we know that it can be the busiest time of year for our ICS volunteers with exams, work, weddings, holidays and of course fundraising.

  • Fundraising showed Beth the MC skills she didn't know she had

    With a new season comes a new group of volunteers kicking of their ICS journey with some great fundraising! This week’s fundraising blog is all about getting started and getting stuck in!

    The cake sale

  • Down to business in Kenya

    Balloon ICS volunteer Jamie is in Kenya working with local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Here he talks about the first two weeks of the programme and what his team plans to do next.

  • Cookies

    What are cookies?

    Cookies are small text files stored on your computer, created by web sites to improve functionality (such as remembering your preferred language), ease of use (remembering that you have logged in for the duration…

  • Fundraising is a juggling act. Here's how Rose and Abi managed to keep up

    Having to juggle various commitments is an unavoidable part of a fundraiser’s life!

    You’re all probably experiencing this to a certain degree and learning in the process how to prioritise, how to manage…

  • Your ICS Team Leader application is complete

    Thank you for applying to be an ICS Team Leader. 
    Your ICS journey starts here.

  • Fundraising FAQs

    Frequently asked questions:

    Why is there a deadline?

    It’s really important that we receive the funds in advance of you going on placement, so we will set you a deadline to make sure all funds are…

  • Fundraising Dos and Don'ts

    Community fundraising is a great way to raise money for a great cause and develop a host of different skills whilst also making an impact in your local community.  

    As an ICS Volunteer you have been challenged to raise a…

  • Network mapping

    We love this activity. It can really help you identify all the different networks you might be able to access.

    If you need support doing this then just give your Fundraising Support Officer a call.…

  • Setting up a JustGiving page

    To set up your page, just follow your charity link below, and go through our step-by-step guide.

    Raleigh International Restless Development VSO

    1. You will see a box (like the one below) asking for your email address.…

  • A to Z of fundraising

    26 amazing fundraising tips from the expert team at ICS.

  • Fundraising plan

    We recommend you put together a fundraising plan of action as soon as possible. Plan 4 or 5 different fundraising activities if your target is £800 and 6 or 7 if it’s £1500.  Each activity should raise you…

  • Fundraising guide

    We recommend you put together a fundraising plan of action as soon as possible after being selected.

    Plan four or five different fundraising activities if your target is £800 and six or seven if it’s £…

  • Access denied

    We're sorry but you don't have permission to access this page.

  • Speaking the language - Lydia's experience in Senegal

    Lydia Hodgins, 24, in Senegal

    Lydia Hodgins…

  • Challenges and triumphs in India - Jamie's story

    22 year old Jamie from Merthyr Tydfil, Wales had never considered volunteering before. Then a stay in hospital gave him time to reflect on his life and what he wanted to do. Bored of his 9-5 job, an advert he saw…

  • ICV alumni grant FAQs

    Applications for the In-country Volunteer Alumni Grant are currently closed while we review the process. We hope to re-open the grant in early 2019.


    All approved grantees should complete their activities and submit their…

  • ICS alumni grants

    UPDATE: Applications for this year’s grant have now closed. Thank you to those who have applied. We received a very high number of applications and some very exciting ideas for how to support your communities!

    The COVID-19…

  • Volunteer development

    Volunteer personal development is a key part of ICS.

    Alongside making a difference overseas, we work to build and develop our volunteers. 

    Volunteers benefit from comprehensive training as part of…

  • Making a difference

    ICS is not like other overseas volunteering programmes.

    ICS is run by respected development organisations and funded by the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID).

    We don'…

  • Other ways to apply

    If you’d prefer not to apply online or if you would like the application form in a different format, such as larger text, specific fonts or a printed copy, please contact us. We’re happy to provide the ICS application form in a…

  • Nigeria


    Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer placements in Nigeria.

    Placements are available in:

    Bangladesh Cambodia Kenya Nepal Tanzania Uganda Zambia
  • Action at Home

    Your ICS journey doesn’t stop when you complete your placement overseas.

    You’ll doubtless be inspired by your experiences and motivated to act on the issues you care about.

    We’ll encourage you to…

  • Disclaimer

    While ICS makes every effort to ensure that information on this site in relation to ICS and its activities is accurate and up-to-date, it does not accept any legal responsibility for any omissions or errors on the site unless due…

  • What happens next

    Thank you for completing the additional form.

    We will be placing your application on hold and we will be in touch to let you know when our next placements are confirmed. This means that you will not need…

  • Your ICS application is complete

    Thank you for applying to be an ICS volunteer. Your ICS journey starts here.

    Now get your mates on ICS

    Have you got a friend, family member or partner who you think would be a great ICS volunteer? Get…

  • Training

    ICS is about creating change. Not just for communities, but for volunteers too.

    To make the greatest impact, all our volunteers will receive comprehensive training and support before they head overseas as…

  • Volunteer travel

    We will arrange and pay for your travel – including travel to selection day, training and all overseas travel.

    Travel to selection days and training

    When we receive your application you will be assigned…

  • Volunteer health

    Our volunteers' health, safety and security is our first priority.

    All our volunteers are provided with medical insurance, pre-departure vaccinations and antimalarials (if required). Necessary medication…

  • Sierra Leone


    Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer placements in Sierra Leone.

    Placements are available in:

    Bangladesh Cambodia Kenya Nepal Tanzania Uganda Zambia
  • Senegal


    Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer placements in Senegal. 

    Placements are available in:

    Bangladesh Cambodia Kenya Nepal Tanzania Uganda Zambia
  • Tanzania

    84.4% of Tanzania's working poor live on US$2 or less a day.

    ICS runs numerous projects in Tanzania addressing a number of issues. These include supporting people to access a regular source of income,…

  • Meet the two Zimbabweans proving music production is more about talent than kit

    Restless Development ICS volunteer Rebecca Corbett spent her placement in Ushewekunze, a community just outside the Zimbabwean capital of Harare. Here, she tells the story of George and Arthur, two emerging…

  • Zimbabwe


    Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer placements in Zimbabwe.

    Placements are available in:

    Bangladesh Cambodia Kenya Nepal Tanzania Uganda Zambia
  • Togo


    Unfortunately we are unable to offer placements in Togo in 2018-19.*

    Placements are available in:

    Bangladesh Cambodia Kenya Malawi Nepal Tanzania Uganda

    *If you have already been placed, your…

  • This Ugandan female entrepreneur is helping women escape abusive relationships

    “We are one family even though we all come from different areas of Uganda,” says Nellie Ssali, a Ugandan businesswoman with a mission – to lift fellow women out of abusive relationships and empower them to make…

  • Uganda

    Distancing itself from its troubled past, Uganda has gained recognition in recent years for its tough stance in tackling HIV and AIDS across the country. 

    ICS volunteers support Uganda’s growth through …

  • Meet the Zambian honey makers giving away 50,000 beehives

    BeeSweet isn’t your average social enterprise. This Zambian business has set itself an impressive target – to give away 50,000 beehives to local farmers, who can then support their families and communities by…

  • Reducing teen pregnancy in Zambia

    Any conversation with young people about safe sex, anywhere in the world, is likely to feature a group of sniggering boys asking you what the best positions are. That’s according to Sarah Meath, an ICS volunteer…

  • Zambia

    With the UN predicting its population of 13 million will triple by 2050, Zambia is one of the fastest-growing countries in Africa.

  • My experience volunteering in Nicaragua

    26-year-old Bryony Sims from Bristol is a Raleigh ICS volunteer team leader on placement in the communities of El Jobo and Mango Solo in Northern Nicaragua, where volunteers mentor local entrepreneurs. By sharing…

  • Nicaragua


    Unfortunately we are unable to offer placements in Nicaragua in 2018-19.*

    Placements are available in:

    Bangladesh Cambodia Kenya Malawi Nepal Tanzania Uganda

    *If you have already been placed, your…

  • I raised my target by tapping into the thing people love the most - food

    Happy Friday! Before the weekend starts, take a seat and listen to the wise words of two wonderful ICS volunteers who cooked and climbed their way to the top!

    Restless Development ICS volunteer, Cheree Vaan Jaarsveld …

  • Volunteers repair community well supplying 500 people with clean water

    Three cycles of volunteers working in the same community teamed up to raise money and help repair a community well, enabling up to 500 local residents access clean water. 

    Bernice is a young woman from Owuram in Ghana.…

  • Without sight, with hindsight: Mahomed’s ICS experience as a blind volunteer in Zambia

    At 16, Mahomed Khatri lost his sight from retinal detachments in both his eyes. He was forced to quickly learn to cope with a life without vision – and all the challenges that suddenly came with it.

    Now 26, ten years later…

  • 9 top tips for planning to make your fundraising a success

    Hello lovely fundraisers!
    We’re mixing it up in the ICS office this week and bringing you our first themed blog. So, what better way to start than with Planning.
    Coming up with a plan for your ICS fundraising is key to…

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