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  • Meet the two Zimbabweans proving music production is more about talent than kit

    Restless Development ICS volunteer Rebecca Corbett spent her placement in Ushewekunze, a community just outside the Zimbabwean capital of Harare. Here, she tells the story of George and Arthur, two emerging…

  • Zimbabwe


    Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer placements in Zimbabwe.

    Placements are available in:

    Bangladesh Cambodia Kenya Nepal Tanzania Uganda Zambia
  • Togo


    Unfortunately we are unable to offer placements in Togo in 2018-19.*

    Placements are available in:

    Bangladesh Cambodia Kenya Malawi Nepal Tanzania Uganda

    *If you have already been placed, your…

  • This Ugandan female entrepreneur is helping women escape abusive relationships

    “We are one family even though we all come from different areas of Uganda,” says Nellie Ssali, a Ugandan businesswoman with a mission – to lift fellow women out of abusive relationships and empower them to make…

  • Uganda

    Distancing itself from its troubled past, Uganda has gained recognition in recent years for its tough stance in tackling HIV and AIDS across the country. 

    ICS volunteers support Uganda’s growth through …

  • Meet the Zambian honey makers giving away 50,000 beehives

    BeeSweet isn’t your average social enterprise. This Zambian business has set itself an impressive target – to give away 50,000 beehives to local farmers, who can then support their families and communities by…

  • Reducing teen pregnancy in Zambia

    Any conversation with young people about safe sex, anywhere in the world, is likely to feature a group of sniggering boys asking you what the best positions are. That’s according to Sarah Meath, an ICS volunteer…

  • Zambia

    With the UN predicting its population of 13 million will triple by 2050, Zambia is one of the fastest-growing countries in Africa.

  • My experience volunteering in Nicaragua

    26-year-old Bryony Sims from Bristol is a Raleigh ICS volunteer team leader on placement in the communities of El Jobo and Mango Solo in Northern Nicaragua, where volunteers mentor local entrepreneurs. By sharing…

  • Nicaragua


    Unfortunately we are unable to offer placements in Nicaragua in 2018-19.*

    Placements are available in:

    Bangladesh Cambodia Kenya Malawi Nepal Tanzania Uganda

    *If you have already been placed, your…

  • I raised my target by tapping into the thing people love the most - food

    Happy Friday! Before the weekend starts, take a seat and listen to the wise words of two wonderful ICS volunteers who cooked and climbed their way to the top!

    Restless Development ICS volunteer, Cheree Vaan Jaarsveld …

  • Volunteers repair community well supplying 500 people with clean water

    Three cycles of volunteers working in the same community teamed up to raise money and help repair a community well, enabling up to 500 local residents access clean water. 

    Bernice is a young woman from Owuram in Ghana.…

  • Without sight, with hindsight: Mahomed’s ICS experience as a blind volunteer in Zambia

    At 16, Mahomed Khatri lost his sight from retinal detachments in both his eyes. He was forced to quickly learn to cope with a life without vision – and all the challenges that suddenly came with it.

    Now 26, ten years later…

  • 9 top tips for planning to make your fundraising a success

    Hello lovely fundraisers!
    We’re mixing it up in the ICS office this week and bringing you our first themed blog. So, what better way to start than with Planning.
    Coming up with a plan for your ICS fundraising is key to…

  • 'Bubbles and Bush': Meet Eleanor, the ex-ICS volunteer tackling sexual health taboos

    For 23-year-old Eleanor Calver, her ICS placement gave her the opportunity to gain more experience of working in sexual health – a sector she felt passionately about.

    After returning from Zimbabwe, she’s now working for The…

  • Action after ICS: Cianne's project tackling youth unemployment in Uganda

    Starting your own charity or NGO can seem like a scary prospect. Where do you begin? How do you test your ideas? What contacts do you need to make? And will it really make a difference?

    But ICS can be a great chance to get…

  • Here's why women belong in the cabinet, not the kitchen

    Amelia Womack was just 29 when she was elected as The Green Party’s Deputy Leader in 2014 – the youngest ever in political party history. Two years and one re-election later, she’s more vocal than ever about the power young people…

  • Protecting the environment

    Climate change will affect the world’s poorest the most. Extreme weather and natural disasters – like drought and flooding – are likely to increase as the world gets warmer, and poor communities struggle the most to cope with these…

  • Staying healthy

    ICS volunteers are ideally placed to reach out to other young people, particularly on issues like sexual health. Projects also focus on making sure people have decent toilet and washing facilities, which can hugely reduce sickness…

  • Working for a fairer world

    We want to make sure that people around the world know their rights and can make their voices heard.

  • Getting a good education

    Every child deserves a good education.

    More and more young people are getting the chance to go to school, but some are still excluded.

  • Earning a decent living

    Helping people to support themselves and their families.

    Supporting small businesses

    We believe that everyone should be able to earn a decent living and become self-sufficient, because no one wants to…

  • Data Protection and Privacy Statement

    International Citizen Service is a development programme led and managed by Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO).

    VSO is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. This statement explains how we will collect, use and…

  • Cost and funding

    The UK Government’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) funds 90% of the ICS programme. The remaining 10% is comes from volunteer fundraising.

    You don’t have to pay for ICS, but volunteer…

  • Safeguarding

    ICS is committed to ensuring the health, safety, welfare and development of all young people with whom it works regardless of gender, age, stage of development, disability, sexual orientation, religion, culture or ethnicity.

  • Getting ready

    An ICS placement is a big undertaking but we’re here to help you get prepared, from providing training and travel arrangements, to making sure you’re fit to travel. 

    We offer comprehensive support to…

  • Funded by the UK Government

    The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) funds ICS – representing a significant investment by the UK Government in young people.

  • Why volunteer with ICS?

    All you need to volunteer with ICS is the ambition to make a difference.

    International Citizen Service (ICS) is a UK Government funded programme providing volunteer placements to 18-25 year olds and Team…

  • NCS graduates

    If you've done NCS then you're guaranteed an invite to an assessment day,

    Providing there is space and you're eligible, all NCS graduates are guaranteed an invite to an assessment day.

    With your…

  • ICS quality principle: Active citizens

  • ICS quality principle: Supported learning

    ICS volunteers visit Upendo enterprise, a local garment making company in Lindi, Tanzania
  • ICS quality principle: Community integration

  • ICS quality principle: Shared working and learning

    ICS volunteer Dan Hensman playing his guitar to his fellow volunteers and host home family members
  • ICS quality principle: Project impact

    VSO ICS volunteers in Banteay Char, Cambodia meet with the leaders of the local Agriculture Co-operative
  • ICS quality principle: Personal development

    Cathryn Tomnay with team of volunteers prepare for their school training session with pupils as part of the ICS Raleigh SWASH (…
  • ICS quality principle: Diversity

  • Seven quality principles

    ICS is funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and delivered by a consortium of three organisations, led by VSO.

    Different ICS agencies work in different ways, but they all work…

  • Nepal

    As one of the world’s poorest countries, Nepal’s economy took a huge hit following the devastating earthquake in 2015 which killed thousands of people and damaged much of its infrastructure.


  • What you could do

    ICS makes the most of the unique contribution young people can bring to development – passion, energy and the ability to reach other young people.

    All of our projects are carefully planned to be…

  • Safety and security

    Our volunteers' health, safety and security is our first priority.

    Safety and Security on Placement

    Before placing volunteers into projects we take a number of steps to minimise the risk of placements,…

  • Liberia


    Unfortunately we are unable to offer placements in Liberia in 2018-19.*

    Placements are available in:

    Bangladesh Cambodia Kenya Malawi Nepal Tanzania Uganda

    *If you have already been placed, your…

  • Volunteering overseas

    Volunteering overseas with ICS is a life-changing experience.

    You'll spend 10-12 weeks supporting a development project overseas as part of a team of British and local volunteers. 

    You will live and work side-by-…

  • Our partners

    ICS is funded by the UK Government and run by some of the most experienced and respected development organisations in the UK.

    ICS is run by professionals with years of experience in international…

  • Selection

    Becoming an ICS volunteer is a big commitment, so every applicant will be invited to a selection day to help ensure that ICS is the right programme for you.

    After we receive your application

    Once we…


    VSO's vision is a world without poverty.

    We bring people together to fight poverty. As an international development organisation with over 60 years' experience, we know that when passionate volunteers are…

  • Restless Development ICS

    Restless Development is the youth-led development agency.

    Our mission is to place young people at the forefront of change and development. Our strength comes from being led by young people, from the…

  • Raleigh International ICS

    We believe that when local communities and young people work side by side to create positive change, it empowers them. And it’s the energy and motivation of empowered people that creates lasting change.

  • Fundraising support

    When you are selected to take part on ICS, you will be assigned one of our experienced team to help you get to your target. 

    From planning a bake sale to hopping up a hill dressed as a giant rabbit, they have seen it all…

  • Why fundraise?

    Fundraising is part of your placement

    Fundraising is an important part of the volunteer journey. While your placement is largely funded by the UK government, by raising funds you contribute back to ICS and show your commitment to…

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Funded by the UK Government.

ICS is funded by the UK's Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), which projects the UK as a force for good in the world, including reducing poverty and tackling global challenges.

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