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Becoming an ICS volunteer is a big commitment, so every applicant will be invited to a selection day to help ensure that ICS is the right programme for you.

After we receive your application

Once we receive your application we will call you to explain how the process works and answer your questions.  

You will then be assigned to one of our ICS partners and be invited to take part in a selection day. 

Selection days usually consist of group activities and interviews. It is a great experience and will help ensure that ICS is the right programme for you at this time. 

Getting to your selection day

The selection day is very important. To make sure you don't miss out we can help you arrange transport and pay the cost of getting there. 

Next steps

If you are selected you will need to be medically cleared to go on placement. You can find out more about health and medical information here. 

Once you are medically cleared you will need to start planning the next phases of your ICS experience. You will be assigned a contact to help you with getting ready and another to support you with fundraising.

If you are not chosen to take part in ICS

Undertaking an ICS placement is challenging. Not everyone will be ready to experience these conditions at the time of their selection day. This does not mean you will never be suitable, nor does it mean you have been 'unsuccessful.' It just means that you may not be ready quite yet. 

You are welcome to apply again, but you must leave at least six months between applications. This will give you the  time to build the extra skills and confidence that you may need. 

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Funded by the UK Government.

ICS is funded by the UK's Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), which projects the UK as a force for good in the world, including reducing poverty and tackling global challenges.

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