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84.4% of Tanzania's working poor live on US$2 or less a day.

ICS runs numerous projects in Tanzania addressing a number of issues. These include supporting people to access a regular source of income, improving access to water and sanitation, supporting health initiatives and addressing social issues. 

ICS volunteers visiting Upendo enterprise, a local garment making company
© Andrew Aitchison
ICS volunteers visiting Upendo Enterprise, a local garment making company

VSO volunteers work in Lindi region and on the island of Zanzibar.

Separate projects support young people to improve their employability skills, and poor farmers to improve agricultural knowledge and business skills in order to increase their income.

To support young people, volunteers link students to potential employers, visiting different companies and improving young people’s understanding of the work place. They also support entrepreneurs to develop business skills and run awareness sessions on employability and the value of education.

Volunteers with Raleigh International work in rural villages in the central region of Tanzania.

Due to lack of employment opportunities in rural areas, young people migrate to cities to find work. Raleigh projects aim to deal with this issue by encouraging entrepreneurship and supporting businesses in rural areas.

Volunteers work with young entrepreneurs to support them to build their businesses. As a volunteer you’ll be helping young people create business plans, cases for support, marketing resources, and helping with product development.  By working together and helping entrepreneurs test their business ideas, your placement as a volunteer will enable their enterprises grow.  

Volunteers on these projects also support entrepreneurs through connecting them with local mentors and helping them to access finance.

Mazo Juma demonstrating how to use a tippy tap in Endagikot school built by the Raleigh ICS volunteers
© ICS / Raleigh / Andrew Aitchison
Mazo Juma demonstrating how to use a tippy tap in Endagikot school built by the Raleigh ICS volunteers

Supporting health initiatives

Raleigh volunteers support projects improving access to safe water and sanitation services.

The approach focuses on improving health and hygiene in communities, whilst contributing to positive change around gender equality, school attendance and environmental awareness.

Volunteers conduct research to help identify community needs before taking a course of action that will address specific issues. They raise awareness about community health issues, such as water contamination, hygiene, and sanitation through interactive activities. Volunteers also set up Tippy Taps to demonstrate good hygiene practices.

VSO ICS volunteer Rebecca Hastie sitting on her bed in her host home.
© Andrew Aitchison
VSO ICS volunteer Rebecca Hastie sitting on her bed in her host home.

Living in Tanzania

Living with host families enables volunteers to fully experience Tanzanian life. Volunteers will be expected to join in with the family and eat the local food. Food provided may vary depending on placement and region.

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