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Team Leaders

Could you lead a team of volunteers on challenging projects overseas? 

Spending between three and eight months on placement you'll support and manage a diverse group of young people working together to benefit your host community. 

Team Leaders work in pairs. One UK volunteer with an in-country counterpart.  

Being a Team Leader can be a demanding role and as such requires more experience than a being a team member. Team Leaders should:

  • Be aged 23-35 

  • Be fluent in English, both written and spoken 

  • Have a clear interest in international development work 

  • Be responsible, organised and good at taking the initiative

  • Have some leadership experience

VSO ICS volunteers with their team leader, Ben, in their host community near Jirapa, Upper West region, Ghana
© Faye Goldman
VSO ICS volunteers with their team leader, Ben, in their host community near Jirapa, Upper West region, Ghana


Being a Team Leader is demanding. We'll give you specific training and you'll be supported throughout your placement to help you guide your team wherever you are in the world.  

"Working as an ICS Team Leader in Tanzania was one of the most intense, rewarding, challenging and emotional experiences I have had. If you’re reading this and considering the possibility – do it!"
Rowena Gerrett
led a team in Tanzania
Rowena Gerrett led a team in Tanzania

Benefits of being a Team Leader  

Volunteering as an ICS Team Leader is a fantastic opportunity for personal development.  

In additional to building on existing skills like facilitation and communication you’ll gain new skills and experience. 

Many of the skills you gain are transferable to employment, so you’ll be able to demonstrate with real world examples how you dealt with things like reporting and evaluation, crisis and conflict management, and solving problems with creative thinking. 


To apply for a role as a Team Leader, select  ‘ICS Team Leader’ as your application type on the standard online application form.  

If successful you’ll go though the same preparation as other volunteers.

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