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Interactive workshops and webinars

We're running a series of online workshops, webinars and training sessions to support your active citizenship and personal development.

Upcoming webinars

Over November, we're hosting a special series of workshops to help you learn about the structural and systemic aspects of colonialism and racism, to support you to understand the nature of development, and empower you to operate in solidarity with affirmative, sustainable development. We'll be running these workshops in association with an external partner.

Workshop 1: Colonialism and its legacies

9 November, 11am - 1pm (UK time)

  • What is colonialism and what are its after effects?
  • What has it got to do with us, and why we should get to know about its legacies.

Workshop 2: Good development practice

23 November, 11am – 1pm (UK time)

  • Development ideas and practice in the context of colonialism's legacies.
  • The human side of development practice, and how we engage in good practice.

Workshop 3: Personal experiences and change

30 November, 11am – 1pm (UK time)

  • Troubleshooting our experiences and looking at who we bring to the experience.
  • What change looks and feels like, and how we can maintain affirmative change.

Registration for this workshop has now closed.

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