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Youth voice matters: Have your say

Youth voice is important. Young people have the collective power to make positive change and find creative solutions to many of the world’s problems.

Use this page to find inspiration, share your story, contact your local media, start a petition or talk with other young people around the world. This page lists global opportunities and is updated regularly.

If you have any useful resources or an inspiring story you want to share on this page, then please add to the comment box at the bottom of the page. We’d love to hear from you!

Be inspired by ICS volunteer stories

So many ICS volunteers are delivering amazing social actions in their communities, after returning from their ICS placement: read their inspiring stories.

Elevating youth voice on Black Lives Matter and anti-racism

Addressing issues of social exclusion and injustice is core to our work on the ICS programme. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, and our journey to tackle discrimination and oppression, including racism, will continue.

In response to this movement, we will support our youth networks to take action, we will use our platforms to elevate Black voices and experiences, and we will continue to listen, learn, reflect, pay attention and take action. This is everyone’s responsibility.

In June’s ICS newsletter we heard from six ICS volunteers from around the world, sharing testimonies of their lived experience as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) individuals. We thank them for their time and courage in sharing their experiences with us.

Share your ICS story with your local media

You have the power, through sharing your ICS story, to demonstrate the importance of international development and inspire others to tackle poverty. Write a press release to get your story in front of journalists. It’s really simple and only takes 10 minutes to complete.

Meet with your local MP

Demonstrate the importance of international development to your local MP by sharing your ICS experience. Most have surgeries where anyone from that MP’s constituency can meet with them. Find out who your MP is and get in touch with them.

Hear how young people are tackling COVID-19 across the globe

Join a fortnightly Zoom video call, led by Restless Development, with other young people from around the world to hear how COVID-19 is affecting them and how they are tackling the pandemic. If you have something to say on this or just want to hear from others, wherever you are, sign up to join the call.

HIV and COVID-19: Call on governments around the world to leave no one behind in their response

Are you a young person, aged 18-32, living with or affected by HIV, or do you work directly with young people living with HIV anywhere in the world? Help Youth Stop Aids to spotlight the specific experiences of young people living with HIV during COVID-19 by sharing your video stories.

Start your own petition on an issue you are passionate about

Online petitions provide a forum for you to engage many people quickly and easily. Sites like 38 Degrees and can get you started in minutes, and if you want to get noticed by lawmakers, register on the Government petitions site. If your campaign tops 100,000 signatures, it will be considered for debate in Parliament – and who knows, you may even change the law!

We'll keep adding new opportunities to make your voice heard - so check back for updates regularly!

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