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Volunteer overseas as a Team Leader

We're looking for people aged 23-35 to lead teams of volunteers on challenging projects overseas. 

Funded by the UK government

"Working as an ICS Team Leader in Tanzania was one of the most intense, rewarding, challenging and emotional experiences I have had. If you’re reading this and considering the possibility – do it!"
Rowena led a team in Tanzania
Rowena volunteer

Funded by the UK government's Department for International Development and run by respected international development organisations, ICS delivers real change to some of the poorest communities around the world.

You don't need cash or qualifications to take part in ICS. Just the ambition to make a difference.

ICS volunteers receive their visas, flights, travel and medical insurance, medication, vaccines, food and accommodation and a small allowance during their placement.

What's the catch?

Unlike some programmes where volunteers pay for a part holiday/part volunteering experience, ICS is funded because the UK Government believes in the positive impact of young people and wants to offer them an opportunity to change their lives and the lives of others.

In return, all volunteers will be expected to work hard, challenge themselves, learn and develop.

Make a difference

ICS is not like other overseas volunteering programmes.

We don't offer ‘voluntourism.’ Our projects contribute directly towards ending poverty in line with the sustainable development goals. By joining ICS you will be able to make a meaningful contribution towards reducing global poverty. 

93% of project partners say that their organisation is better able to bring about positive change in the local area as a result of ICS.

Develop your skills

ICS isn't a holiday. It's demanding but hugely rewarding. It's a great opportunity for personal development, a stepping stone to future careers and a chance to make your world a better place.

Volunteers benefit from comprehensive training as part of the programme. They take part in a challenging overseas placement and support work at home. This builds vital transferable skills that contribute towards personal development and finding a job. 

  • 74% of volunteers regarded their ICS experience as the main reason they chose their career
  • 97% of volunteers compare ICS favourably against other opportunities such as apprenticeships, work experience or internships
  • 98% of volunteers would recommend ICS as a way to develop skills for employment
Volunteer in Tanzania
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Being a Team Leader can be a demanding role and as such requires more experience than a being a team member. Team Leaders should:

  • Be aged 23-35 

  • Be fluent in English, both written and spoken 

  • Have a clear interest in international development work 

  • Be responsible, organised and good at taking the initiative

  • Have some leadership experience

  • Some placements also require fluent Spanish or French


To apply for a role as a Team Leader, select  ‘ICS Team Leader’ as your application type on the standard online application form.  

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Funded by the UK Government

ICS is funded by the UK Government's Department for International Development (DFID) which leads the UK’s work to end extreme poverty.

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