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What will your day bring?

Hi. I'm Naseem.

I'm 19 and from Newcastle. This year my life was changed forever when I went to live in Loitokitok, Kenya for three months as an ICS volunteer.

Whenever there have been opportunities, I've always been one to go for them. With a year free before uni, I knew that when January came round I didn't just want to talk about making resolutions. I wanted to be doing them.

On my placement we planted almost 900 trees alongside students
© ICS / VSO / Jack Howson
On my placement we planted almost 900 trees alongside students

It's funny. I never thought of Kenya as somewhere I’d want to go but now I just can't wait to return. I was worried about life over there, what things would be like, whether I could eat Halal as a Muslim.

But I was stronger than I thought. I learnt so much, laughed so much and ate so much I put on a stone.

While I was there, I worked on various projects. One involved helping educate students about environmental issues - and working with them to plant 900 trees. In another, we built a park at a childrens' rescue centre so it felt more like home.

Now I'm back in the UK, there's no doubt I'm a different person. I've become so much more organised, which will definitely help me when I start uni this month. I'm a lot more capable of achieving things than I ever was before ICS.

So if you're thinking about applying to volunteer with ICS, my message to you is stop waiting and go for it. What will your day bring?


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